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  1. A nice new effect would be cool. Main problem with the current standard "DCS" smoke effect is that it will obscure the target when doing a normal range pattern even with only one aircraft. Example of the BDU-33:
  2. I don't know if this is supposed to be this way. I thought this had been recognized as a bug before but could not find anything. See screenshots:
  3. Select draw. Draw any object. Continue with "Select" on the draw panel. LMB to drag a previously drawn object while moving the map with RMB. Everything but polygons move opposite of the map movement. Polygons seem to be fine. Initial creation of a draw object also seems to be fine.
  4. RED


    @MoratThat probably depends also on ED. They have not implemented L16 API into the core game. Idk what Razbam can access there. Ideally we get more L16 messages supported than Viper/Hornet.
  5. Thanks Heatblur for giving us the answer we wanted to hear!
  6. No advantage seen here on Ryzen. Your CPU will have two boosted cores and DCS will jump between them. No need to do anything manually.
  7. What can you do with the GPS? What features does the CDU have? Looking forward to this. I am enjoying the C101 and this will probably be a lot of fun as well!
  8. Could not find this on the forum. Track will be submitted later.
  9. A good comparison for DCS are e.g. the Cinebench 1T benchmarks. Since DCS runs mainly on only 1 thread, loading the CPU up with many threads and looking at clock speed will not give you much relevant results. Process lasso had no effect in testing on the latest AMD CPUs. Ryzen Master shows you the best cores and DCS will jump between them. You can squeeze a bit of performance if you want to look into the curve optimizer and also tighter timings on your RAM.
  10. @Sr.It seems like the spring was worn out. I changed it to a harder one at it fixed it. The two points that hold the spring seem to be closer together than on the other axis. If there is no tension at the center, it can get mushy.
  11. It is only a problem if you really don't have enough VRAM. 11GB is plenty DCS often takes only 11 out of 16GB for me but e.g. Syria and Tomcat can take more. Nevada:
  12. @kontiuka no, on open beta. I found something that it might be bugged with certain weather presets and is reported. It was working for me in the Hornet but that might have been another preset.
  13. I couldn't find anything on rain drops on the canopy in the forum. Will they be modeled at some point?
  14. Doesnt the 3800XT boost to 4.7 out of the box?
  15. @Wali763That looks pretty solid. Don't worry about the usage. Now you can lean back and have fun
  16. Copy. I tested with an enemy unit/static near the farp with all the farp units still intact. No rearm available.
  17. @Backy 51 Do you know what the limitations are on how close an enemy unit can be to block rearming at e.g. a FARP?
  18. A track would help ED to figure this out. @_Spad_That would be a bug. There should be no slip on the aircraft. Velocity vector might show yaw offset due to wind.
  19. Probably, I haven't checked yet. Will do. The difference of the center positions can be about 3-5 units of the deadzone in DCS. Enough to break out of the autopilot in the Hornet with deadzone at 1 but not noticeable when maneuvering.
  20. Yep, @JayRoc. That helped me as well. Also removed any artifacts I had.
  21. Did you use radar ranging? Ranging through the FLIR is not implemented I think. This could be an error in that the MC doesn't compensate for ISA deviation. Same can be observed for the baro altitude warning.
  22. Hello fellow VKB users! I have a problem with my stick. It started to not center anymore correctly. So when i push the stick left and let go, it goes to a different position than if I do the same from the other side. Back and forth is fine. Anybody with a solution for that? I found something about loose magnets but that might not be it. tagging @fallout9 as well.
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