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  1. http://bffsimulation.com/FFB-yoke-1.php Check in the project gallery. This is XPlane/P3D territory, not DCS Looking forward to news from Propeller (and Walmis..), what a great project(s).
  2. ..or just "glue" the motors to each other..(not mine)
  3. Actually in 4K (lots of pixels..) "all" benchmarks has the 3080 ahead by a margin. But VR benchmarks are almost nowhere to be seen. That what is so great with JayRoc & co's efforts.
  4. Could the issues with NVIDIA drivers for Ampere have an impact on the results for the 3080?
  5. I'v received my invoice for ordering the pointCTRL. Thanks! After I ordered I saw a thread on page 2 in this forum that there is a V2 comming up. Would it be ok to pay this invoice and wait for the V2 (and later pay whatever extra for that version)? I'm in no hurry.
  6. Thanks, it now opens ok. Setting it to false makes it open in... full screen. In settings dialog its now toggled off. There is something odd going on. Im in stable, last version. For some reason my settings is stored in DCS.openalpha. I'v previous had a alpha release. I also have a DCS catalog but no changes in config is stored there.
  7. Having the same issue after asking DCS to open i full screen mode. What is the name, and where is the config file I can set fullscreen="true" to "false"? And last lines of dcs.log are: 2020-04-13 20:29:47.861 INFO DCS: gDescription: "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080" gVendorId: 4318 gDeviceId: 7040 gMemory: 8079 MB 2020-04-13 20:29:47.869 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Destruction shape not found AVIASHTAB_CRASH 2020-04-13 20:29:47.870 ERROR EDOBJECTS: Object HB_F14_EXT_PHX_ALU with id=307 already declared in table MissileTable 2020-04-13 20:29:48.917 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:1 2020-04-13 20:29:50.423 INFO UIBASERENDERER: Cannot load font [F:\sim\DCS\dxgui\skins\fonts\]! 2020-04-13 20:29:51.529 INFO Dispatcher: //=== END OF INIT ======================================// 2020-04-13 20:29:51.529 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:2 2020-04-13 20:29:51.577 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:3 2020-04-13 20:29:51.577 INFO Lua: Lua CPU usage: metric: average game loading: 24.1825 % 2020-04-13 20:29:51.595 INFO DCS: Screen: MainMenu
  8. @Tadiun, are you using that stick in Condor 2? Are you guys plan to hack a MS FFB2 as controller? This could be a (more costly..) alternative: http://bffsimulation.com/BFF-FFB-System.php http://bffsimulation.com/CL_Software.php Its for x-plane and p3d, but there is a UDP interface there: http://bffsimulation.com/Manual-CL-USB/Appendix_J_CL_Controller.php For 3'partys (DCS..): http://bffsimulation.com/CL_Controller.php Its basically for yokes (he sells diy "kits"/instructions), but he seems to have tested with planetary gears and sticks: He writes about this prototype: "The reduction ratios are 8:1 on the elevator axis and 4:1 on the aileron. The pitch axis motor is mounted on the elevator axis motor - a very simple mechanical arrangement which works pretty well" The motors: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32775070208.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.14.41438234R32ddl
  9. And haptics coming soon (2 weeks?): https://www.sensoryx.com/products/vrfreehaptics/
  10. Anyone running the Reverb on a gtx1080 with decent performance? Settings? In 2D it seems 1080 are trailing the 2070 close:
  11. That is $5.. If we can afford a computer to run dcs, I think most of us can afford that.
  12. Can you say "Go kill enemy!"?
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