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    The Thumbnail is Swedish 1:st generation AAA with horrible deployment time as you can see !
  1. Had my Viggen get blown up by an SA-3 the wing dissapeared but the U22/A was still in the same position relative to the wingless hull as it had been when the wings where there. But now it was hanging in midair !
  2. If a B52 where to be made i think the B52D that was retired in 1983 it was the workhorse of the Vietnam War being modified to carry an extra large conventional bomb load and two aircraft where MIG killers !
  3. The joystick has two modes. Press one of the buttons on top and it will turn into a "different" joystick that you can map to something else. Like switching between radar stick and RB-05 stick !
  4. In Windows 10 64-bit it worked right away without any drivers. And DCS picked it right up. The extra buttons are really nice and that it clamps to the table which means i can clamp it out of the way when not in use as well :D
  5. Nooo that's the JA-37 wing and not the AJS-37 wing the JA-37 got additional actuators for the elevators. :cry:
  6. I wonder how classified. The national ground to air datalink was retired when the JAS-39A/B was retired. Later Gripen versions use the Link 16. The link between the Viggens is most likley not the same as in the Gripens either as it's from the early 80's. The U95 ECM pod is probably classified but we know a few things about it which is probably enough for the limited ECM simulation in DCS. The Radar of the Viggen is out of use and soon the Swedish air force weill be using nothing but AESA radars in their Gripen fleet so even the technology it's based on will be obsolete. The AIM-120B is in game and the Skyflash is out of service. The AIM-9L is well known as is the AIM-9P3 and the Oerlikon gun. I think there's enough info that could be handed out for them to make a module. There's no need for them to know the intricacies of things like data-links either just what information it sent and how it was displayed would be enough. In fact DCS there's basically a datalink to all aircraft and to the GCI map. If you see something on your radar it shows up on the map. That's a function the Viggen got in the 1980's. But either a Draken module or a Ja-37 Viggen module would be great. Howeveri would like to see two draken versions as well the Danish F-35 and the J35J or the finnish J35XS which was upgraded to J35J but also got an RWR and Chaff/Flare dispensers.
  7. The RB75T hade a mine warhead for use against ships according to the blogger/twitter "Wiseman" who's an actual Gripen pilot so he should know. The Warhead was developed in Sweden for that purpose. This isn't the first time Sweden modifies weapons it buys. When it bought the Hellfire for the coastal artillery as a man portable light anti ship missile they changed the warheads on those missiles too. The system is called the RBS 17 in Sweden. The Lansen era bombs where old 1940's designs for the most part, i think the illumination bombs where the only carryovers. The reason I've read is that the Viggen was so expensive to develop there where never enough money to give it a well rounded armament. For instance a heavy smart weapon was on the wishlist for it's entire career but never materialized (called TSA in swedish "Tungt Styrt Attackvapen"). But since so few Strike Viggens could be afforded this partially solved itself as the requirement to support the army in northern Sweden was stricken because of the low numbers. There where only enough Viggens to defend against a naval invasion. As a stop gap a light attack variant of the SAAB 105 trainer called SK60B or C was procured and they inherited some of the Lansen's weapons chiefly the rockets. The Sk60 had weak engines and didn't like asymmetric loads otherwise it would definitely have gotten the RB-05 missile, and i suspect some of the Lansen's old bombs as these aircraft would operate in northern Sweden. FYI: The A32A Lansen's 500kg m/56 bomb is a regular British 1000lb bomb btw, i haven't seen specifics on what version it was but i think it was the ww2 1000lb MC which was extremely common in ww2.
  8. Since an SK-37E got airworthy this year in addition to the AJS-37 of the Swedish air force historic flight you should have a better chance of capturing sounds.
  9. The Viggen never got a Heavy Guided Attack Weapon, it was always in the studies but the money for it was never there. In many ways the Strike Viggen never reached it's full potential because money was always very short. And with the JAS Gripen a replacement was in the pipes for half of it's career.
  10. No the data goes to a guy on the ground wit ha computer that analyses the data. He has to have access to the U22/A pod on the ground.
  11. No it's the Viggen's Avionics that's limiting the range, it simply can't give the proper instructions for a long range stand off drop. The BK90 has been test dropped from much farther away at high level, i think the 500 meter altitude ceiling is from the Viggen radar altimeter. I think the BK90 can fly 22km if dropped from 6000m, but as i wrote the Viggen can't handle that. That the BK90 can be carried at all is due to the 1553 weapons bus being part of the AJS upgrade
  12. Locking air targets has worked for me at least when i've selected guns or sidewinders. One has to be fairly close and then put the radar in lock on mode, the radar will go black and you'll see a distance line on the hud indicating if you are in range for weapons release or not.
  13. You guys haven't thought about making an AI SAAB 340 AWACS ?
  14. The F-111 is multi seat and has a ground radar and swing wings. It even has the same engines as the F-14.
  15. http://goranfv43hee.se/hawee12/hawee12.htm For those who can read Swedish. A technician Göran Hawée describes the Hawée 1&2 mods that where applied to the draken in the 80's. Hawée 1: It was a modification of the radar to make it much less ECM resistant and as a byproduct the radar became much better at low altitude. The Radar also became more user friendly to operate. Hawée 2: As a result of the new low altitude performance the AIM26B missile was now setting the limit for low altitude engagements as it's proximity fuze had a tendency to detonate below 500m. So the missile was modified with a new proximity fuze and the Draken got a limited HOTAS setup where you could arm missiles and switch between weapons more easilly. The Radar was also modified to be better at locking up targets at low altitude.
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