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  1. Hey guys, throttle, stick, 10cm extension, Foxx mounts. $550 US all in, you pay postage, I'm in Vancouver Canada. Please pm. Craigslist post here https://vancouver.craigslist.org/nvn/sop/d/north-vancouver-thrustmaster-warthog/7178570680.html
  2. How is any B17 harder than say the F14 Heatblur are making? Multicrew is in its early stages, yes, but otherwise there's no radar or anything overly technical to code. I would love to see the B17 added. AWACs would be tough I would guess, though.
  3. Most modules on steam can be transferred over. The only one that was a problem was the l39 which I haven't got on standalone now
  4. You are missing the DMT (?) Switch to the right of the Nav rotating switch, the one you turn in front of the joystick. It's three letters and starts with a D. That is defaulted on when you hot start, iirc
  5. They're honestly all good, you should get both. Enjoy!
  6. Okay the Harrier is young, but it handles, it's fast enough to be entertaining, it's only going to get better. And when it can use it's targeting pod, you'll be able to carry a shitload of GBU-12s. The problem with the A10 for me is it's a flying computer. You actually fly it is boring, but it's also a huge learning curve. It's very very effective, yes, but personally the Harrier wins, and not just because it's new. I also like the Viggen however the required level of pre-planning for multiplayer public servers is frustrating.
  7. You can't expect much with my little pony at the wheel
  8. I believe so. Below the fuel counter turn the knob to desired bingo Hit pumps, carry on, auto off. I think it works
  9. You need the DST switch next to the NAV dial in front of the stick.
  10. I need this in my life.
  11. I have read that Comm 2 doesn't work. not sure on that. In the mission editor, set the freq to 127.5 which is the default comm 1 freq, or any freq on Comm 1 presets, that way you need only cycle through
  12. If you're landing on a moving carrier after the most recent patch, it's bugged. Land on a stationary one. This will be fixed, then you can land on a moving one just fine.
  13. Same issue regarding switching weapons and the Mav needing the STBY for 3 mins again. Otherwise they work pretty great.
  14. Not yet implemented autopilot.
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