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  1. If you are imputing elevator response when you retract your gear the FLCS will go from reduced gains/input due to gear being down, to normal deflection so you will see a rate increase if you're giving a constant rate of "pull". during the gear cycle. best thing to do would be include a track file so we can see all of it. If you are elevator neutral (no imputes) and its doing it, something is wrong.
  2. I have been using them... you have 5... 26 through 30 on the mark point page.. So far it only works in FCR off of the ground radar (you have HUD listed) after the point is created from the FCR radar you may have to cycle through the MP to get it to work.. It will create a point for HARMS, CCRP, Etc...
  3. Yep... This will be a common occurrence until its addressed... Either that or just take them off all together..
  4. Double check your toe brakes... I had an issue a while back after an update that fed in some toe brakes... I had to rework them and rebind them... That fixed the problem... YMMV
  5. Not listed in the roadmap so probably not.. At least not in the listed phases..
  6. From F-16.net.. Admin.. if this is not allowed, please remove... https://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15879
  7. If I am not mistaken, that sound is generic with the Pratt and Whitney engines... We have the GE and they do not make that sound..
  8. Regardless if you are for or against 88's on 4&6, ED needs to take them out of the loading option for those hard points or put something in the weapon load out screen that announces those will not work, If not this will be an ongoing thread in the F-16 section.
  9. I appreciate that and I feel that we do. The best part of DCS hands down is the ability to work together with like minded individuals and to run complex scenarios/missions. The training leading up to it, the planning, stepping together, flying the mission, and finally cracking a beer and watching the tacview file. I understand the single player aspect to it and we encourage self based learning. That said, DCS multiplayer in a team environment is where this sim really shines...
  10. Huh.... We flew a deep SEAD/DEAD profile the other night in my group. Several jets with what you described, others with JDAMS. Encountered hostile air, SA-11's, SA-8's... Everyone had a purpose, everyone landed with less than 3k fuel... Perhaps your are simming wrong?? My point is, do not let a "realistic" load out ruin your game play. There is plenty you can do with it.
  11. Smoked

    Drag Chute

    Perhaps.... USAF ANG block 50's do not... We do not have anything but that block..
  12. This is the super frustrating part...
  13. One thing to keep in mind is that we do not know what the licensing agreement was between ED and Lockheed for example. They might have initially "thought" the sniper was going to be "good to go" only to find out that they are not allowed to replicate it. When money is involve a company is going to be on a pretty strict contract in regards to what they can and cannot do with that product. Or simply they didn't have enough data to actually put it in the sim at a level that was going to be playable. I am sure ED would put as much as they could out there on the F-16 based on the year, make, model, etc.. because it makes the end product much more appealing. if they are locked into a certain block and tape with only certain loads and weapons, then that is the way it is.... I agree its frustrating to see things taken away like that, it is the reality of it though...
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