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  1. No, I definitely didn't see anything like that.
  2. I did? Well whaddya know. Did it ask me if I wanted them? If so I must have missed that bit. Thanks for the quick service.
  3. This seems like a relevant thread to tack onto. Instead of authorising content I have I get a stream of failed authorisation window for stuff I haven't got! Will it finally get bored with asking me to enter serials for things I don't have? I know, buy more stuff eh? Item !. pictured. And so it goes on...and on...
  4. I've been away from DCS for a while and when I came back I was unable to select the P-51 in either multiplayer or single player. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it...No change. How does one uninstall it completely? It seems as if uninstalling via the module manager only uninstalls in name only.(maybe) I can go on a server and select any aircraft that I have purchased...Except this one! Ideas? EDIT: Ignore this please. A case of poking fingers where they have no right to be. I've covered my tracks, no one will know.
  5. :thumbup: Gone after the last little update. EDIT: Spoke too soon. It's back.
  6. Ditto. Ithought it was an online thing but apparently not. Extremely irritating.
  7. Thank you Reb. No it's not a mod issue.
  8. ...over runways. This is in the mirror. I'm running the smoke mod lua for the P51 and up to now it worked properly. At some point, recently, if for instance you're doing a loop over a runway I alway keep an eye on the mirror to keep track of the smoke trail. Now the smoke disappears over the runway and doesn't reappear until you're over grass. Needless to say I don't do combat only formation stuff so it is/was a handy tool. Any clues?
  9. 9 pages of 'Thank you's, but I don't suppose another one will hurt. Thank you Chuck.:thumbup:
  10. Well I'll be darned! All this time I've had the IPD distance set at 65 which is my real IPD. I just had a play about with it and settled, for the time being, on 50. I've now got some elbow room! It may be my imagination but things seems to have sharpened up graphically as well.
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