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  1. I have another question. Do I only need to deactivate the middle once if I have both the 2.5 release and 2.5 beta running? Thank you Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you for the reply. I wanted to do a fresh install and what was key for me was the deactivation step which I thought was no longer necessary. I will copy my saved games folder to preserve my settings and custom training modules HT
  3. Hi Guys I am looking for advice on moving to a new computer and transferring all of my modules. Any advice or pointers is appreciated. Thanks HT
  4. +1 Great thread Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  5. Thank You for the reply and the tip. It was the axis assignment. I have a Warthog HOTAS and forgot about the zoom being assigned to the throttle slider. In this case the slider was all the way in the rear position forcing the zoom. Placing it in the center position fixed my issue HT
  6. Hi I flew the f-15 for the first time in a while and what is happening is the in cockpit zoom is snapping to a wide angle. If I manually zoom in or snap to normal view within a few seconds the game snaps me back to a wide angle. I tried the SU 27 to make sure it was not all FC3 aircraft and the zoom worked as expected. I have also been flying the F-5, Mirage 2000 and AV8 NA with no problems. Has anyone else seen this behavior? See attached image and log file Thanks HardTime dcs.log.zip
  7. I'm just reporting that I discovered that Tacview 1.6.4 is not recording acmi files. I have removed and reinstalled it. I checked the log file and I can see the script is called though no files are created. The last file created was around December 12 Sent from my SM-T710 using Tapatalk
  8. This is happening to me as well. Warthog Controller When I edit the AV8B controls from the main menu. Update desired control and press OK, screen goes black and I hear background music. To get out of the application I right click on the DCS icon in the task bar and select close Thanks dcs_log.zip
  9. I am not sure what to make of this one. I landed at Nellis after some 1 v 1 guns only against a Mig 15 to get some repairs from a little gun damage. I parked in the aggressors' area under the shelter to get out of the sun. I called the ground crew for repairs. When the crew responded for the repairs they put the plane on an invisible lift and completed repairs successfully. Now when I returned to the aircraft I was unable to get in it because they left it on top of the shelter. When trying to call the ground crew there was not contact with them available only ATC as if I was flying Please reply -HardTime
  10. I was wondering if anyone that had any issues with the Update 1/2 bugs was able to fix the game or do anything that change the behavior? Please share
  11. I did try remapping my controls. It did not make a difference. I also looked at the axis curves adjustment and to my surprise they charts showed that the joystick is connected and did have full range of motion. Attached is the log file of my last attempt there are a lot of (some) errors in it. dcslogHardtime.zip
  12. Hi After the update I am experiencing weirdness. F-15C - Warthog Joystick axis not recognized. When moving the control stick to change pitch or roll no response. When moving the Warthog throttle no response. Using other controls seem to work fine. Firing the gun with the trigger works etc. Moving the mad catz flight peddles pro no response, no change in yaw. M-2000C - Flight is very bouncy though I do get control response. F-5E - will not start in a reasonable time when clicking on the screen I get the window grey out and windows application not responding dialog. I did install the VC14 runtime, windows 10. All modules seem to be fine in 1.5.6 Any response appreciated. Thanks
  13. After removing Tacview 1.5.3 crashing is gone
  14. Hi When I try to run a "Create Fast Mission" with F-15C or MiG 15bis I get a Crash to Desktop. My assumption is that it is with all modules. Sometimes this occurs on the first play attempt and sometime it occurs on the subsequent play attempt when selecting play again. I noticed in the log that the crash is occurring after a call to Tacview 1.5.3, recerntly updated Thanks
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