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  1. Ciao se questo problema di assetto si presenta solo quando ti stai avvicinando al tanker forse non è un problema di trim ma più semplicemente sono le scie del tanker stesso. Se è così c'è solo da fare pratica e imparare a saper addomesticare il proprio mezzo, come suggerito in precedenza una buona base di volo in formazione ti aiuterebbe a saper anticipare quello che fa il tuo aereo e apportare le dovute correzioni
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying this fantastic tool and I wanted to know if you also have problems with commands like "follow" "escort" "orbit". use dcs open beta thanks
  3. Grazie per questo fantastico script e per averlo condiviso, lo adoro
  4. On Hsi you can see tas and ground speed
  5. I confirm. the same thing for me too
  6. have you tried the bankler's carrier trainer mission? I find fantastic missions like this
  7. yes I understand what you mean. we hope they add this functionality
  8. I don't know if I can help someone with this problem since I'm starting now with the hornet. I have an x52 pro and I solved this problem by assigning the elevation to the jerky knob in the photo. I then used the saitek software to set those keys as new advanced commands giving each click of the knob a small pressure delay (0.2 seconds if I remember correctly)
  9. yes that's probably it. also because the bomb hits. thanks, and great missions:thumbup::thumbup:
  10. yes that's probably it. also because the bomb hits. thanks, and great missions
  11. yes this I understood. I was referring to the fact that the symbology on the hud is offset from what I see on the mfd. in practice if on mfd I centered the tank on the hud the symbol will be higher than a few degrees.
  12. I understand. thanks for the explanation
  13. Hi guys can someone explain to me why sometimes I see this effect?
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