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  1. FYI: For those with DL issues, I will not advertise Brands of VPN PM me here or Find me "Reaper" on DCS Discord if you need the names. After 16hrs downloading @ 324kms I downloaded a VNP and was able to get my DL speed up to 1.9mbs. Was strange via the VPN to Dallas TX to the download server I was able to jump the DL speed up to 1.1mbs. But if I jumped it from Dallas TX to France then to the DL server I was able to obtain 1.9mbs. So I wounder if the two were pinging the same DL server?? When I switched from beta to stable the download was via the torrent and was much faster than the current system, but I understand why ED switched it up. My ISP is blocking my ability to host DCS and have friends join me by placing me behind two layers of privet network. I have another program I use for that as well. I also know other ISP like mine are throttling down connections to torrent programs and sites (spent 2 hrs talking and made the tech slip up on the phone). So some of you could be having that issue as well. If that is the case then the ED DL server IP/URL is now flagged as a "Torrent" site per my ISP. So it will always be slow for anyone on my ISP. So my question to Ed's IT dept. If the above is the case would a change of venue for the DL servers (if your going to stay away from the torrent DL format) solve this issue for the community? IE: IP and/or URL change maybe?
  2. Well its been 15 hrs now and almost 3/4 downloaded for the stable version... ...
  3. Back in the day (LOL) before DCS World there were multiple download locations for Black Shark and A-10C. Would it be feasible to go back to a regional file download locations? Then that brings up the question about Dl the modules via the manager in DCS as well. When you log into DCS World the main system it connects with to verify your modules is there just one? Could that also be set up by regions as well? I know stop pissing in the camp fire LOL.
  4. Would it be possible to have 3 or 4 OB versions available for rolling back on the steam version of DCS OB? Us PC users can easily roll back to while we wait for 2.5.6 to be patched. So we can still enjoy MP. Would this be an ED issue to handle or would it be a Steam archiving issue. Or get moved to Stable then steam users would be able to opt out of beta and still have the same version PC users can roll back to and still fly MP. ?? What steam users see now, What it could look like;
  5. Can confirm this bug. The launch bar tries to hook to the cat too soon. There was a post about this with another aircraft somewhere and a work around was changing the parameters in a lua file to the location of the launch bar. But can not find the post and didn't save it. Update: Just tested landing on carrier with AI F-14B, worked just fine.
  6. @Jonnie2Bad Here is a quick way of doing what your asking about, .miz attached. Spawn 50-50.miz
  7. When you open the .psd up and the warning pops up about the missing font should tell you there what font is missing. Edit: see this post for fonts. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3885275&postcount=303 Also when using the intel plug-in for .dds, when saving make sure you select the mipmap option.
  8. What program and version of said program are you using to open the .psd files??
  9. That's a good way to cut out about 70% or more of the user base. What they need to do then is split the mod in half, If you just want to fly then buy the pilot mod. Just RIO then buy that mod, if you think you may want both then buy both.
  10. Thanks for finding the issue I was having with my decals... :thumbup:
  11. Usually that means that the file has been corrupted on disk, though sometimes it means that the file has the wrong extension and can't be read correctly. (From PS Help) Try unzipping the template again or downloading a new one.
  12. Try putting them in, C:\Users\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech\
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