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  1. I didnt try it yet. Does it work with new patch?
  2. Thanks a lot Rudel! :thumbup:
  3. Sorry guys but in the last OB lat version, BF109 cant start the engine. It's completely useless at the moment. :huh:
  4. I know that I do something wrong, but after last update I cant start my engine. Also with Auto-Start sequence my BF 109 dosent start. :cry:
  5. Same problem when I contact the ground crew for start my engine. Sometimes the answer me, sometimes no (when they're smooking :megalol:)
  6. Hi all... I'd like to know if i can find the list of unit (maybe divided by nation) about all units of WWII asset pack. Is there a official list?
  7. Sorry guys but in the fews days I searched for the server but didn't find it. Is it still up? :pilotfly:
  8. Thanks for your job! Really appreciated. :thumbup:
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