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  1. I am thinking of doing the same. Is there a specific centermount you ordered from Monstertech? Leg2ion, do you happen to have the stl you used to print out? And also where did you get that particular 11.6" screen? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm expecting my take-off panel this week and I was wondering the same thing. It might come down to when I get my 3d printer back on line and I can come up with something.
  3. Sweet I hadn't heard about that date. Looking forward to hearing what HP has to say.
  4. I may be disappointed, but I'm going to wait for the Reverb G2. In March it said soon, but with everything going on in the world, who knows what soon means anymore.
  5. I'm annoyed because it also points out the Flaming Cliffs 3 planes I do own. I have to enter the reg code each time to bind the planes. Very annoying also.
  6. Beautiful Blue, simply beautiful. Can't wait to be able to print out some of these components. Looks like this will be fun.
  7. I'll also add to the chorus. Thank you so much for your efforts Chuck. Very much appreciated. Your guides are of invaluable assistance.
  8. @Blue73 What is a good size capacity size for a 3d printer to be able to handle a cockpit build do you believe? I'm looking into a 3d printer but I'm afraid of buying something that isn't capable enough. Would something with a 220x220x300mm be sufficient? Thanks in advance
  9. That is a shame not to properly preserve an important part of history like this. Hopefully someone in Japan, maybe a descendant of a pilot, is looking into this.
  10. I am very curious on the result. I am running into the same issue.
  11. Yep, was working this morning now I get the 502 error.
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