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  1. Will there be a VAICOM extension for George though?
  2. Im nervous myself. I spent a tiny bit of time with the hind and noticed how much of a clunker that thing was when it came to resources but the Hornet and almost everything else is rather smooth, even in MP. I am on a 2070 SUPER Ryzen 5 3600X 32 GB RAM all on an M.2. I guess time will tell.
  3. Harker, I installed your mod but i am having an issue with mine where all my text is still green. greyscale and white text will not work even after installing the mods folder. FIXED:Mods folder was in the wrong location
  4. I should have mentioned i am on a G2 with 1.0 PD. Should i chalk it up to optimization issues?
  5. Whenever I am in the 16, i get really poor FPS even in the air compared to the hornet. I have a Ryzen 5 3600X overclocked with 32 GB of RAM @3200 MHZ Geforce RTX 2070 SUPER on an NVME drive. Anyone else in the same boat or experiencing similar issues?
  6. JTF-13 is a relaxed group of individuals who all take pride in enjoying DCS and all that is has to offer. From teaching newer people with no experience, to honing the skills of more seasoned individuals as time goes on, we are always here to teach! We have active JF17 squadrons as well as A-10C/II squadrons, F-14A/B dedicated squadron, an F-16 and 3 F-18 squadrons with both Navy/USMC assets and EU assets as well, Lots of openings coming with the new release of the , AH-64 and Kiowa in the future. This group has been around since mid-2020 and is always looking to grow. We have many talented individuals who are in the military and have actual accrued time in some of these air frames, as well as people who can help train you in tactics and help you with any issues you may have with your selected air frame. We also have real aerobatics instructors that can assist you with formation flying, fuel management and whatever, as well as real life ATCs, We would like active active players who do not mind a relaxed atmosphere, can enjoy either a full military experience or as a reserve. I am the CO of our VFA 151 F 18 squadron, and we need pilots now more than ever! If you are interested, please apply below at https://forums.jtf13.com and mention my name in your application or in our discord when you join. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via PM.
  7. I tried TACAN for A/A and wasnt getting information for the tanker nor was i getting a morse code tone. ILS worked but tone did'nt work either. Can anyone confirm?
  8. So yesterday, i tried inputting a new WP after a full NORM alignment. The alignment completed successfully and RDY flshed on my hud. I went to put coordinates in and the system took them but i didnt see any nav info on my EHSD or EHSI There was a red line on my miles dial instead (cant recall its actual name) nor was there a steering cue or sherm on my hud nor any other nav data like bearing or anything else. What did i do wrong?
  9. Just tried it myself and after everything was configured, i get no LANDING CHK light or anything. Any chance you can make a video?
  10. Is this still bugged? Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  11. I am getting a "phrase already used" error when following the finish steps
  12. Can someone explain what "supress auto" does a little bit more?
  13. Legs

    Just, pitty!

    This was a great laugh.......
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