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  1. No, lots of reasons i use a screen over VR that i'l not go into here, its a very emotive subject for some people, for some reason i cant understand.
  2. What part of 'Early Access' were you mislead by?
  3. Great idea, ive a 2TB NVMe Gen 4 drive just for DCS, another for Steam games, id prefer the 250gb version.
  4. Im at 4k/60hz and have my FR locked to max out at 60fps. Im seeing the odd drop to 45fps with all graphical settings as high as they will go and MSAA at x4. That's was dogfighting with 4 x Skyhawks and 3 x F5 low over the big Argentine airbase and city, cant remember the name. 32gb DDR4 3800x Undervolted to 4.3ghz@1.275v AMD 6900xt at 2.6ghz on Dvr 22.5.2 Corsair M600ProXT NVMe Drive (DCS) Corsair M600 NVMe Drive (OS)
  5. Ok, my home internet connection isn't great, this is a country/infrastructure issue. My work Internet is fast and stable. Can i DL a paid for map or module outside of the game environment (at work on my laptop) and then transfer it to my gaming PC once home. Is this possible? It would save me some serious time if so. I do this with Steam games, DL on my gaming laptop at work then just transfer over via a NVMe external drive once home, Steam see's the game and im good to go. Thanks in advance.
  6. I run DCS from a Gen 4 NVMe (4900mb/s) drive with 32GB RAM and i have seen my load times increase noticeably.
  7. Thanks guys, il try that tonight
  8. Good evening, i havnt played for a couple of patches but now have no info if using AG weapons. no gunsight, no rocket sight and nothing for bombs. if anything has changed can somebody dirrect me to an uptodate guide, thanks
  9. Its easy to answer your own question. Set up a Sp map, take off and monitor RAM and VRam usage. Then add loads of Ai units and fly the same task, again monitor RAM and VRam usage. You will have your answer.
  10. Not true, the core speed may drop due to either thermal throttling OR because the CPU is not being fully utilised. My i7 2700 at 4.9ghz will run slower on some of the cores in DCS (its a single core game after all) Encode some video using handbrake, that will suss out a wobbley overclock.
  11. Run MSI Afterburner and observed resource use ingame. You will see (on DCS 2.0) that VRam is being heavily relied on as is the GPU and RAM, the CPU to a far lesser extent. My 780GTX maxs out on VRAM, i use around 10GB of RAM and my quad core 2700K@4.9ghz is hardly working. So your bottleneck is the GPU.
  12. Malwarebytes Pro version for me, the only one ive tested that put ransomware to bed.
  13. Cheers guys, i found those two, any personal recommendations?
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