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  1. Hi Jocko, I have not yet mastered the art of mission editing. I only tried to find out which skins show in the list of skins. There is the same list in the mission planner (which you can click before the mission starts), and as I said, only the skins (recently) provided by Belsimtek and the skins made by Reflected are in the list. I admit that this is totally strange as just one day ago all skins showed, including the ones with the bort number glitch. I have not updated DCS since about a week ago. I leave my rig unconnected other when updating DCS. On the other hand, my F-86 runs like a charm. I had stutters before, but now there are none. I guess this is a good trade off. Still it would be interesting to find out why skins suddenly do not show in the selection list. Just to learn what is going on. It only happens with the F-86 though. The other planes' skins which I store in CoreMods (like the Spit's) or in Bazar/Liveries (like the Bf109's, Dora's, Mustang's) are all not affected. I created a F-86 Sabre folder in Bazar/Liveries (where I stored skins before and they also showed in the selection list) but to no avail. Thank you in any case. Cheers
  2. Hi Jocko, the Canadian skins do not show (such as the Canadair Sabre Mk.5 23182 of No. 439 "Sabre-Toothed Tiger" Squadron, newly downloaded). Meaning they do not show in the mission planner nor in the mission editor. The skins that were installed by the game and the skins by Reflected show. This is the same for the DCS World v. 1.5.5 and the Nevada Map. I put them all into the CoreMod Liveries and deleted the old ones. Maybe I will see them again some day.
  3. Dear Rob, thank you for your quick response. It is great to see that people care. Admittedly there are worse mishaps than a bort number showing up on a fuselage, but if one does not have anything else to worry about.... That having been said, I have in fact been worried about the fact that my Canadian F-86 skins, the ones that also feature the black F-86 cockpit which, look so ugly from the outside, with the decals taped over. I do admit that recently downloaded USAF skins have all numbers in the right places. And the corrected .lua files I got in this thread work as well. But I want my older Canadian and Aussie skins to look nice again. And they do not, currently. I downloaded a beautiful skin under the following URL for instance: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/1410152/ (Canadair Sabre Mk.5 23182 of No. 439 "Sabre-Toothed Tiger" Squadron, No. 1 (Fighter) Wing, RCAF Station Marville, France, circa 1955) The file that was downloaded in 2016 has the bort number glitch. Do you mean to say that if I download the same file today, it will be corrected? I will try right away.
  4. How to remove all bort numbers Dear all, I would dearly love t get rid of all bort numbers on all F-86 skins because they always look out of place. In my mind at least. For instance take this skin which would be excellent without bort numbers. I opened description.lua as a .txt file but it looks all different from the .luas in this thread. Can anybody help please and convert the lua for the Canadian Sabre (see link) so that all bort numbers are removed, front and tail, including the silver sticky tape they are printed on? Thanks in advance.
  5. Dear all, I have had the problem with the F-86 for a long time that hitting LSHF+k does not flip the kneeboard pages backwards. Neither does the shortcut on the stick (which seems obvious). Can anybody help? Or are JG4_Sputnik and myself the only ones around who experience this 'bug'? Help will be much aopreciated.
  6. Dogfighting Skills Hi all, no you do not come off as condescending, because sharing experiences is always a good thing, and also thank you Tomsk. I guess that Habu is not referring to prop pitch and mixture, prop and mixture settings being automatic in the FW190 and the Bf109 anyway. If you refer to power or energy management, avoiding constant full throttle but not letting the energy bleed off, yes indeed that is an art to be mastered. And indeed, that is where hours of training come in handy. The problem though with your average simmer is that there are so many planes to train in. The experience gained by racking up countless hours in a Fokker triplane (Rise of Flight is superb in my mind) does not help you win a dogfight in a FW190. And in any case, you need to have TrackIR. Being able to look around you like in RL makes a whole lot of difference. Yes and I agree, do not fly slow and straight for more longer a millisecond.
  7. Trying Not To Stall The P-51 in a Dogfight Hi Tomsk, thanks for the feedback and your advice. Tell you what I am not going to tweak my joystick but will do my level best to be less hamfisted. Try to get it right. That's really a challenge but that's what this Sim is all about. Keep up the good work
  8. Hi cthulhu, the biggest problem for me when dogfighting is not stalling all the time, not falling out of turns. I still wonder if the DCS vintage planes have realistic flight models in this respect, if it was really that hard to stay in a turn or a loop in WW2. As it happens, the A2A FSX P-51 is also a bitch to throw around the sky without stalling. I wish I could fly a P-51 in real life, then I would know, but maybe that would be the last thing for me to know before buying the farm. Cheers all
  9. P-51 - Thanks for Resolving the AI Mod Problem (P-51 Exploding on Engine Startup) Hi all, of course my thanks also go to cthulhu68 - Lovecraft would have smiled -. Next I wonder who has enough clout to cause the powers (that be) to return decent prop graphics to the P-51, and while I am at it, to make the prop outline wider and tapered viewed from the side, similar to what the other DCS prop driven planes look like. And to add realistic bullet holes that do not look like somebody spilled the contents of a can of dark gray paint all over the wing. These little things make all the difference. A happy man who has no other worries, but still, I would be delighted to see the improvements happen, because I love the DCS P-51, and she deserves decent graphics. Cheers to all
  10. Hi all, since installing the Spit (DCS Update 3), I had the problem that on P-51 startup when I toggled "run", the P-51 exploded, blew up. In flight missions with the P-51just freeze. I tried this advice and removed the P-38 and the B-17 which are non-DCS mods as AI aircraft. And lo and behold, the P-51 works again. I am overjoyed. But does this mean that I cannot add the P-38 and B-17 anymore? Because I need those add-ons for Bf109 and Dora missions. Or is there a work-around? Regards taxman1, in any case you made my day by your post.
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