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  1. Actually I am reading what you said. You said its a communication issue. In fact you've said it twice. So my solution is simple. There is no communication. We find out when we read the patch notes, or watch a video from Wags. I would rather they focus the F-16 and not waste time having to deal with threads like this one.
  2. If that is the case, then I would advise ED to never say anything at all. Its out when its out. Works great for BMS group. As a developer myself, I can tell you that some things are just not that easy. They take time. In some cases much more time that originally thought. The FM is complex, in fact I would go as far as guessing its the most complex part of aircraft modeling. Again, I would just advise ED to make it policy to say nothing at all. Continue to give updates for all current early access modules, but make it clear that all future modules (starting with the Apache) will get no updates. You find out when the patch comes out. Like I said before, it works for BMS.
  3. FM update will come eventually, just like everything else that's missing. I'm looking forward to a completed Viper like everyone else. I would prefer they take the time to do things right than rush out bad implementations.
  4. Watching RPM to 20% and waiting for SEC light to extinguish works 100% of the time for me.
  5. I created a quick track but its larger than 5 MB. Any other way I can upload it?
  6. Hi Bignewy. I'm mapping it to an actual toggle switch (mom-off-mom). Initially I had the up to go to OPR and the down to OFF, but the panel does not turn on. I switched it to ECM Power Up and Down, and now when it goes from OFF to STBY the panel comes on, then I continue up to OPR. I can create a track, but I have to remap the toggle switch twice. Will that show in the track?
  7. Not sure if this is a bug or something on my end but I figure I should report it to see if anyone else is having this issue. If you bind Off and OPR on the ECM Power switch, Going from OFF to OPR will not turn on the power. The switch will move but nothing will happen. You have to click STBY first or the panel will not turn on. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. One issue I've found, if you bind Off and OPR on the ECM Power switch, Going from OFF to OPR will not turn on the power. The switch will move but nothing will happen. You have to click STBY first or the panel will not turn on.
  9. For the purposes of cockpit building, could you please add separate keyboard commands for each digit on both the Mode 1 (10s and 1s) and the Mode 3 (10s and 1s) selector switches. Thanks
  10. All I can tell you is this, I've been flying VR for 2 years now. I went from an Oculus Rift, to the Rift-S and now to the G2 Reverb. I cannot fly now without my VR headset. Going from track-ir to VR was like going from nothing to track-ir. I cannot fly with track IR anymore. VR makes THAT much of a difference for me. So I hope that helps.
  11. I tried this but its not working correctly. The power switch will move in the cockpit, but the ECM panel does not receive power. Only if I switch it on with the mouse will the ECM panel actually turn on. I suspect the same thing is happening with the XMIT switch. So looks like we need to wait on ED after all.
  12. Where exactly can I find a list of all unofficial mods that are installed? I can't remember 1/2 the stuff I have installed. I've had the same install for years now.
  13. I can do that, but please google this issue and you will find plenty of posts about this issue in various forums. I don't run the steam version btw, I only use steam for VR.
  14. dcs.log My specs: I7 9700K, 2080 TI, 32 GB Memory, 1TB Samsumg Evo SSD. G2 Reverb Headset. dcs.20211123-184429.crash
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