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  1. For the life of me I cannot get this right, here goes: On MISSION, FA18, "combat mission-patriot Exp, load is 4x AGM-154a, 2 different targets, JSOW I think I programed first target right, but what is confusing me is do I need to program each station, 3,7,2,8 separately OR ON PP do I program STA 3-7 using only STA 3 and then STA 7 will fire automatically for first target and STA 2 for second target all for PP mode. JSOW. In other words, how do I program IN PP Mode, for kill off two targets.
  2. Normally when I purchased a module, aircraft, helicopter etc., I would get a receipt back from DCS. I just purchased the Mosquito, Pre-paid, but did not get any receipt from DCS, has something changed? Other then my Profile and Visa there is not a receipt from DCS. Can someone tell me if that has changed
  3. Anyone know what is the Number one VR to use with DCS if I should decide to buy I thank you for the Informationl
  4. I thank you for that answer, but I still think its alittle long, no big deal but I would like to know average time it takes people, thanks again
  5. How long does it nomally take to open the "DCS World Open Beta" on your computer Before, a couple of months ago, when I clicked the ICON DCS World Open Beta, program opened in about 15 to 20 seconds no it takes 43 secounds, is that about right with all the changes or should it be less,
  6. I'm not a pilot, but I do know this, since I have been in DSC my F/A 18 has been my main enjoyment, my F-16 is fun, but not enjoyable. To me you have to enjoy to fly, especially if your 75 years old and never flown or played video games, like me.. I have all of the jets and most of the recips I have flown all, not good, but am having a ball before to late ha ha. I have alot to learn, however, guys here in DCS will bend over backwards to help. I will say air to air is really hard but am working on it, weapon system great at least to me it is. Carrier landing fun, few crashes but interesting. Final, purchase DCS F/A-18 I believe you will not regret it.
  7. I thank you for the message, however, I was in CMR and my FCR was SOI, white line around, still will not move. If you don't us TMR programing what do you use.
  8. Can someone tell me if and how to be able to move the curser around to lock on targets? I have programed the Target Management Switch and Target Curser still will not move, flying, CMR or ACM Also my Dogfight switches will not stay put, in other words if I want Dogfight Missile Override Switch I have to hold down for all the time I need. Any help I can get will be appreciated.:helpsmilie:
  9. SuperCarrier Multiple play only I just found out, Supercarrier is only for Multiple play?:mad::cry::mad::mad: However we can go in and make our own missions IF we know how. I'm going to try to make my own missions. Just an old Jet Mechanic trying to have fun. We will see
  10. Can someone tell me if they have received the supercarrier as of 4/17/2020 I thought it was released today, between 11-12pm? I received alot of downloads but no SuperCarrier
  11. rglmsgt

    X56 Rhino

    I just bought the X56 and having lots of problems with the stick. I cannot trim for the plane, F-18 any suggestions. Flys all over the place.
  12. Thousands thanks, thought I was losing my mind
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