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  1. Holy CRAP, that is one hell of an overclock! LMAO I spit my coffee up thanks.
  2. Hello fellow Coloradan, Just get that Cyberpower PC from Newegg. That is a nice machine and will last you many years. I don't like to over analyze, when I want something I just go for it.
  3. Ok yes my 1700 at 4.00ghz under load hit a max of 94.85 watts. I beleive I saw the same results on Overclocker.net, someone had a 1700X at 4.00G and they said it was 170.0W under load. A 100 watt difference same overclock, under load. Here's my HW Mon...
  4. Wow nice looking new rig! Congrats should be sweet once you get it built. You should have just got the Ryzen 1700 and saved youself some money. The only difference with the 1700X is has turbo/OC included, and uses more heat because of the power. 1700 power is 65W 1700X power is 95W I have the 1700 and it runs quite a bit cooler than others with 1700X. I have mine 4.00Ghz with 1.44v with an H110i AIO cooler. And during stability tests with 100% CPU I'm around 63C. You will get the exact same overclocks with the 1700X, but just more heat. But you will be very happy with it, this thing is a monster! btw I have the same mobo too Asus CH6.
  5. Yep that sucks. But really you should be glad your PC lasted for 8 years. Get a credit card? Buy a new PC on Home Shopping Network, or QVC and buy with flex payments.
  6. Well Battlefiled 1 Multiplayer uses all 16 threads, specially in 64 player games. There might only be a few games now that can use 16 threads. But there will be more in the future utilizing them. Also Photo editing, video encoding, 4k videos, etc. The Ryzen is a beast with all those! I can load up Doom, Photoshop, Youtube 4k videos all at the same time, and Ryzen handles it easily without a sweat. Here's some screenshots with some data you wanted.
  7. Hmm ok then. But the usage I was seeing in DCS was very low, like 15% usage in those threads. Do you know if DCS, when they merge 1.5 and 2.0 versions, will they be using more cores?
  8. There's a big thread on the Overlock.net site. Elmor the OP is an Asus Engineer. Go here (all the BIOS versions links on on the first page). http://www.overclock.net/t/1624603/rog-crosshair-vi-overclocking-thread I would highly reccomend the 1700 Ryzen, since there is really no reason to the 1800X or 1700X, when you can OC the 1700 to 4GHz.
  9. Here's some pic of my new Ryzen system. Next week I'm getting a new 32" 4k IPS monitor, and a 1080GTX as well. Case is the Corsair 760T custom painted yellow/black theme.
  10. Yes! I recently built a new rig. I have the Asus CH6. Asus has been coming out with new BIOS, like two in just the past week. And the latest 1001 BIOS is very good. My memory with the other BIOS versions was only running at 2666mhz stable. But the new BIOS I'm at 3225mhz now. I have my 1700 Ryzen running at 4.0GHz with 1.43v. I'm using the H110i AIO cooler. This thing is a BEAST! I highly recommend using Ryzen for DCS. DCS is well coded, and seems to be using more than just one thread. I see usage on DCS in one thread though being used more. And DCS process isn't even making my Ryzen sweat. Its only using about 15% CPU using right now. I could use photoship, video encoding, watch 4k Youtube videos, etc. All with DCS running at the same time. And Ryzen handles it with ease.
  11. Hello peeps, I'm planning on getting a new 32" IPS 4k monitor BenQ BL3201PH . And a new GTX1080 along with it. Will I be able to play DCS with 3840x2160?
  12. Yep the lables and minmap are must for me. But most of the multiplayer servers have them disable. We need more beginner servers?
  13. I was watching TOP Gun last night, best movie ever. Question on the Tomcat. How are the retractable wings controlled? Automatically or by the pilot?
  14. Holy geeezus! Is this guy really complaining about 20gigs? Thats nothing, most PC games are more than 50 gigs now days.
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