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  1. I was able to keep OpenOVR up and running since this whole thing started -and still works. Ask and I shall post the files for install.
  2. thats an expensive way out...you can do a lot with the AIM-7. Bracketing a target is a good thing - shoot one in LOFT and shoot another normally and the bandit will have to defend in 2 different directions. You cant really do that with the AMRAAM. The only real problem you have to solve for is how to maintain the lock. Learn how to work the radar by learning how to use its PRF and manage your altitude to be level or below that of your target and you should be fine.
  3. Like I asked: a conversation? Adults do do that to resolve conflict from time to time. Again, I dont see how thats a bad idea.
  4. You're right, I am assuming. I wonder why....I just want a conversation as to when and why they picked that specific model which someone else was working on. Again, need a conversation because of previous cases where it left bad blood in the water. The ONLY thing I am asking for is to make it right. You are looking at one mans passion poured out to the community for almost 3 years being taken from him, at the very least an explanation would be nice. Dont see how thats unreasonable. A lot of these 3rd party manufacturers came from the Microsoft universe - Kinney, IRIS, VEAO, Razbam, possibly a few others on this list - I understand why the vast majority of them left, and nobody is missing out.
  5. If I tell a joke that I got from another comedian and I made a profit from it, that comedian can sue for damages. Likewise if I post an idea that is well received and to be made free and someone else took my idea and made a profit from it, you're stealing potential profit from them should they wish to go that route. Nobody claimed that OG stole anything other than the idea, Im stating that maybe he took that idea form SVK in bad form or bad faith, and much the same can be stated with the L-39 project which the Patriot team was working on. As far as Monogram, Itali, HK and other plastic model makers, they never took someones idea away from them for profit without royalties - they are in direct competition with one another. I can go on amazon all day long and point out cheaply made chinese alternatives to good ideas stolen from other companies. Again - just because its not illegal doesnt make it right : THATS what I am alluding to.
  6. I am reminded heavily of the L-39 and this exact situation. Im sorry, but that wasnt a good look. There needs to be conversation...not accusing anyone, just stating an obvious fact that people need to consider.
  7. All I am suggesting is that there absolutely needs to be a conversation between these two parties and/or with ED because quite obviously there is a conflict of interest.
  8. Taking someones idea and using it for your own benefit IS theft. 35 variants of the Su-22, and it just so happens to be the M4. YOU need to check yourself.
  9. I am trying to build an RS Map controller profile for the Apache and going through the key commands and it show theres really not many commands mapped to the keyboard. Are keyboard binds still in the work, or is this it?
  10. I was going to ask the same question...I just reformatted my pc and started installing stuff, and game mode isnt turned on. Now I know why!
  11. Suppose it was your 3 years that you get to toss down the toilet. AFAIK this mod has been in the works quite publicly; if a 3rd party came by and claimed rights to the A-4E3 made by DCS Community, wouldnt you be upset that their hard work gets to be tossed out without any discussion? I understand that the only way to protect against intellectual theft is a copywrite or a patent, but just because it doesnt doesnt make it right. Lets be realistic - it kind of is intellectual theft. No, at the very least someone should have said something.
  12. Hammer1-1


    right now anything is better than the 21 pixel Su-17 we have now..you know somethings off when the payload has more pixels than the rest of it.
  13. Ok heres my first oops Ive made in a judgement call for a pc component in a very long time....didnt realize my motherboard was dual channel and not quad channel. I find that odd as I thought I bought it because it supposedly had quad channel...so, oops...
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