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  1. I haven't flown the P-47 in a while until yesterday when I noticed this bug, analogue axis for trim only give half range of motion. I know this worked when I last flew it sometime before Christmas, so I was a bit surprised when it didn't yesterday.
  2. Yes, that is normally the case, but on release it didn't work so good for me. After the latest patch the rudder trim started working ok, and maybe if I tune my settings for elevator trim that will also work ok. I'm not sure if they did change anything that specifically has to do with the trim, or if the improvement somehow has to do with the update to negative g effect on the engines, or something else.
  3. That is interesting @Krill. Also probably means that I'm out of luck for the time being as I have the trim as axes on one joystick, and using another HOTAS for throttle and stick input, as well as rudder pedals separate from the rest. @RodBorzathanks, but I take it that the solution you linked to is for using button inputs to trim? I am considering giving up on using axes and try with a trim hat instead, but the axes works so good on the Spitfire that I would prefer to keep that solution.
  4. I'm also having problems with trim. I have elevator and rudder trim set on analogue axes, but aileron trim on a hat. Same settings work perfectly on the Spit and ok on the P-47. Elevator trim seems to be extremely sensitive. Aileron trim on the hat doesn't seem to do anything. And rudder trim I can't seem to figure out, I see the trim indicator change, but I can't say that the trim actually changes from the way the plane fly.
  5. Well, my problems is back. I changed my graphics card from a R9-290 to a 6900XT yesterday, and as part of the testing I hosted a online mission for myself, and 1 hour + into the mission icons disappeared. Yes, I have Combined Arms, and no, I haven't tried disabling it. I don't think I was scrolling when the icons disappeared, IIRC they had simply disappeared when I went to the F10 map. And just as someone else showed above, graphics was missing on refuel/rearm screen as well as after leaving the mission.
  6. I have not had this happen to me since the last update, no changes to my AMD drivers (they have stopped updating for my card, so no reason to update). I haven't flown a lot during this time, but before it happened almost every time that I was flying, so I think something has changed for me.
  7. Just updated to latest patch, and this still happens to me, about 1 hour into the game or so usually. Haven't tried to disable CA. And once it happens it shows in the main menu as well like shown in the attached picture of the menu screen.
  8. I get the same problem since at least the launch of 2.7. After flying for a while all icons disappears from the F10 map, and in some cases icons even disappears on the start menu. Graphic elements have also disappeared on the "select role" screen. Computer is about 6 months old, but due to the current graphics card situation I'm still using my old AMD R9 290 graphics card. Drivers have been updated at least twice since the problem started appearing for me, haven't noticed any difference because of that.
  9. You don't have a second stick/input as well as the stick you're using? DCS usually adds every controller it can find for inputs, and sometimes it becomes very wrong. For example, I'm using a TM Cougar throttle and stick combination with MFG Crosswind as rudder pedals and a crappy Saitek AV8R for radar inputs in the Viggen. DCS default setup sets both the AV8R and the TM setup to control the same things, and thinks that the MFG have buttons ect and not just 3 analog axis. That AV8R can really mess things up (it can be quite hysterical in the axises) if I try to fly a module that I haven't set up properly for some reason. Ok, I reread your first response to my questions and this shouldn't be the problem, so unfortunately I have no idea what the problem is.
  10. Have you checked your stick inputs? And what happens when you use the autopilot, will it roll so it the autopilot fails to keep it on heading? Hmm, only in some missions sounds like you have a very unbalanced loadout. After firing one Rb-15 out of 2 I do get a roll tendency, but I never find it all that hard to control (with stick, not trim) though I try to not delay the second launch longer than necessary. Apart from that I have never had any problems with uncontrolled roll on a undamaged Viggen.
  11. I remember reading Flygvapennytt when I visited my cousin, but to be honest the article that have stuck the hardest in my memory was the very early pictures of Mig-29 and Su-27's taken by Swedish and Norwegian air force pilots checking out Soviet planes as they where getting close to the borders.
  12. My old AV8R is frankly quite horrible, I bought it about 10 years to use for flying when I lived at two places at the same time. Of course, having already been spoiled with a Thrustmaster Cougar modded with über parts, well, it wasn't a great experience. A couple of years later I moved back full time to where I live now, forgot about the Saitek until a couple of years ago I started flying DCS Spitfire and wanted more analog axises to have trim on, and out came the AV8R. I still use it for trim, and some functions in the Viggen, but the normal stick axes spikes like mad on it. Maybe your stick is in better shape then mine, and if that's the case it should be flyable, but if you really want to get into flying, start saving for a better HOTAS and separate rudder pedals.
  13. Ha ha ha, I was stuck yesterday when trying to taxi, I couldn't get NWS turned on, or so I thought. I haven't flown in a couple of weeks due to PC crash, and this was the first time on the latest patch. After minutes of trying, I gave up and picked a new Viper, but the same problem there, until I by chance discovered that NWS was actually working, it was just that the light didn't turn on.
  14. Yes, I still have the same problem on the latest beta. Flew the P-51 first and prop looked good on that, but in the Spit I get really bad propeller graphics. Good thing I don't have any epileptic tendencies or I would have had a seizure.
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