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  1. Oh man, the product looks super promising! I would suggest putting a post up on r/hoggit, r/HOTAS, r/homecockpits, and r/flightsim. This product deserves more exposure and the FS community would be thrilled to have it. I only found out about it bec I stumbled upon one of your calibration videos. That being said, I'm very interested in the product. Will it be compatible with the Vive Cosmos? As you can see by this image: https://bit.ly/2mXWifm the Cosmos features an upward facing, front/center mounted camera and doesn't have much usable flat surface up top, the headset also flips up. It does feature an on board USB-C connector so I guess that's something.
  2. UH-60L, AH-64D or E, AH-1W, B-17, vietnam aircraft and more red full fidelity
  3. Make Normandy and WW2 assets free. This is coming from someone who already owns both. The WW2 side needs to draw more players and the barrier to entry is too high. Bad business move
  4. AH-64 and UH-60!!!! LETS GOOOOO
  5. I concur. I caught some flak for suggesting that the aircraft releases in DCS be organized in blocks. The blocks being major conflicts or portions of conflicts (WW2 West, WW2 East etc.) For example Early Vietnam would be a block then all the devs would focus on fleshing out that block with assets and aircraft, then they all move on to the next block and develop that one. That way there's uniformity and the aircraft we use are actually relevant in a tactical sense and authentic to their time. But no, I was told word for word "the game's a sandbox a**hole".
  6. I think asking for the map creation tools is better suggestion haha. Then when those are out people can make whatever the hell maps they want.
  7. +1 I concur. Please add a set afterburner detent function
  8. I'd be cool with them moving into the WW1 domain after WW2 is fleshed out with all major theatres and aircraft. Would be fun
  9. I'd like to be able to set altitudes for trigger zones. I'm well aware of the ability to set a trigger to when x unit is at a certain altitude but that's difficult to do with 30 aircraft and 5+ zones. As of right now unless you set them up unit by unit you can't "overfly" trigger zones. Next is the "bomb in zone" feature, as of right now the "bomb in zone" trigger forces you to select a single bomb at a time from a list which makes planning/making an OCA or decapitation strike mission using multiple different aircraft a nightmare for example. I'd like there to be an "Any bomb" function on that list. Lastly custom zone shapes or rectangular zones would be appreciated, circular zones don't always seem to fit certain scenarios very well and as a result end up in dramatically increased workload for the mission maker. TLDR 1. Allow us to set altitude restrictions to trigger zones 2. Add an "any bomb" setting to the "Bomb in Zone" trigger 3. Rectangular or custom zone shapes Thx
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