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  1. Certainly seems like it needs some refining. There was also an issue with the HUD symbology not fitting when using Track IR unless you moved forwards so wonder if this was a way to fix that issue but as you say it’s very strange when turning your head, makes using mirrors difficult and also the top row of OSB buttons are partially hidden.
  2. I always hated the look of that rope and now it’s back :)
  3. Yeah but looking at the bugs section this is broken and has been reported. The TTI is just not displayed.
  4. I just tried several LGB drops after designating with TGP. There is no TTI displayed in bottom right corner of TGP screen nor HUD. Auto lase does not turn on. How did you get this working Skypickle? Seems bugged to me like mentioned above?
  5. Trying to fly the A10 this morning and it’s so hard to use the HUD. Maybe it’s fixed in the new A10 but it’s no good in the current one. I don’t use VR but on a monitor with Track IR I’m constantly having to move head positions to see all the info at one.
  6. Great price, might even gift a couple to friends hard up right now with loss of income
  7. The amount of comments and questions regarding difficulties with what’s implemented right now is evidence that something from the system is missing or not working as intended. I too am intrigued as to how JeffreyC claims there is no problem and all is working fine for him. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out a consistent sequence but am unable. Hopefully next update will fine tune things to be more useable.
  8. Have a look through verified bugs as these issues have been raised and reported. Hopefully a fix will come with next update
  9. Hey all, thanks for the input. I’ll pass on the info & and good idea with the A4..... easier than the SU-25 and a great free starting jet.
  10. Ok thanks, never kept track of past sales so good to get an idea, thanks
  11. Well was worth a go :) Thanks
  12. ramjet77


    Have a friend who wants the F-16 but is only just starting his DCS adventure. Are any DCS sales coming up soon?
  13. I experience the same behavior. The HSD showed the steerpoint in the correct position however the HUD was directing me in another direction much further away.
  14. Are the issues and workarounds discussed in this thread recognized now as bugs by dev team ? Or does it stay as cannot reproduce and that’s it? If more information is needed happy to try and provide it so we can get this corrected.
  15. The TGP slaves to the CCIP pipper so you can use laser ranging for an accurate computation before release. I think that’s what one of the manuals mentions.
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