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  1. Hi fellow virtual pilots, i have been exploring the new options on the CAS page and adding cas points manually, problem is even if i'm able to create those cas points i didn't find a way to make them target points so i can use them someway, in the way i'm doing it now, i can not navigate to them, not bombing them etc.. Thank you in advance!
  2. Buenas compañeros, busco alguien para volar el f14 y sacarle el maximo partido, tengo bastante experiencia desde la posicion de piloto, aunque no me importaria aprender la posicion del rio, lo que quiero es que seamos 2 personas volandolo, cualquier interesado por favor indicarlo aqui, muchas gracias!
  3. Hello guys, I was jus wondering if we can get an expanded radar image on the top right corner of the screen like we can do on the mirage, on the mirage it's called vtb viewport on the controls page. Ty!
  4. There is something definitely wrong with wind input on the viggen, after several tests i'm sure about this : ck computer Works the opposite to bk90, in order to hit with the bk90 u need to input to where the wind is blowing, ur hud Will be showing wrong wind correction but atleast u'll be able to hit your target. Feel free to try the same :D Edit : As long as u fly low with ternav on u should have no problems with drift, even with heavy winds
  5. My oculus tray tool settings Enviado desde mi Aquaris V mediante Tapatalk
  6. Made photos of my occulus tray tool config but the forum is in russian on my phone for dime reason and i don't know how to upload it
  7. Got the exact same problem, i solved this issue doing so many things, that's why i don't know what solved It. Removed rift headphones, disabled rift sound device from windows Installed oculus tray tool, made a dcs profile Pixel density at 1 Shut down oculus service with oculus tray tool everytime u are not using the hmd. It worked for me
  8. I used to play at 1024 each but it's imposible right now, tried lower res and obviously you get better framerates, but the problema it's still there, the fps drop is insane
  9. Everything is good until i run the tgp on , the fps drop is insane, i did so many tests, i was over a city (80fps) switched the tgp on and it goes down to 45, that's very bad when u fly with an ac like a10c.
  10. Thx you bignewy for the fast answer , i'm gonna do the clean Up And repair as soon as come back home. Thx you again
  11. I'm getting the same issue, could someone explain me what is clean Up & repair thing? Thx!
  12. Hello Friends, i'm having some trouble with the campaign, i did the change on the missionscripting file, i flied the 1st mission, then f10 F1 F1 to save the debriefing , but no MDC_Campaign_Results in my dcs folder, so i can't continue the campaign. What can i do? Ty
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