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  1. Are you using curves on the stick?
  2. Thanks for testing. I was sure that had happened to me, but must have been another factor in my case. I immediately thought it was altitude.
  3. Yeah I noticed him wasting hellfires on the same target as well. Ok thanks
  4. If we're prioritizing things I think more stability at low speed/alt is needed. The tail is way too squirrely for a twist rudder like a lot of us have. I'm using an x-56 myself. I don't know if there are more auto-hold options coming or if they are going to balance the effect a bit, but for me that's my biggest issue with control right now. IN terms of the trimming, I think trim reset can cause an awful lot of trouble. I barely if ever used it when I was flying the Ka50 for the reasons already described ... massive and immediate changes in orientation due to the "snap back" to default trim. Better to quickly and incrementally retrim.
  5. You do have to fly within .1km in order for the WP to autochange to the next one. And that includes altitude ... if your WP is at ground level and you're .2km in the air you're out of luck... would be good if they increased the distance to oh about .3
  6. What's the point of ATK mode on the TSD? Whenever I select it my waypoints disappear. Is it meant to show targets?
  7. A follow up question on this topic - what's the best way to make use of the "fire at will" (long up) command. Should he already have a target selected? If not, will he search targets on his own? If he has a target and destroys it, will he automatically move to another target on his own or do we have to direct him to select another?
  8. Unless they do something to dampen things for twist stick users, I'd say pedals are a must have to keep this thing under control at low speed and to pull off hover landings. I'm going to hold out for a couple more updates and features like the alt hold etc before I make a final decision ... don't want to have to buy more accessories if I can avoid it.
  9. I agree with this ... or some accomodation made for twist rudder on sticks.
  10. Maybe the alt hold will help when it's in but I think they're going to need to add a bit more forgiving parameters for the holds to take effect. I don't remember the KA50 being so twitchy at low speeds.
  11. What are you guys doing for curves? I'm using a Logi x-56. The heli is really fcking difficult to control at low altitude and low speed, even trimming like mad. It just feels oversensitive at that speed. I imagine curves would help so wanted to get a feel for what people are doing.
  12. Click the COM button on the bottom right of one of the MPDs. Then click the Manual button on the bottom row. You can then select the channel you want to manually update by clicking it and then entering the value into the keypad on the left side of the cockpit. Press Enter and you should see it updated on the MPD
  13. I noticed you have to fly within 0.1km of the waypoint in order for it to auto select the next one ... would be nice if this is selectable to widen the radius
  14. ^^^ As above ... looking for a profile from someone who knows what they're doing!
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