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  1. Thank you for your replies Existing ED modules, Taiwan has a lot of UH-1H, F-16, F-5E in the past and now, if flying these aircraft in this airspace is really a very exciting thing, what a pity , Can only expect a miracle
  2. When will the Taiwan Strait map be released? Taiwan is rich in mountainous terrain, densely forested, numerous rivers and valleys, and bordered by the vast western Pacific in the east, with deep blue oceans and beautiful coasts. I have purchased a lot of landscape maps, but I am looking forward to the release of Taiwan Strait maps, thank you ED allows me to realize my dream of flying, but please give me a surprise!
  3. I look forward to overcoming this problem in the future. I want to say thank you for spending your precious time to understand my problem.
  4. Holton ,The app freecharge version “A-EFIS black & white”, thanks a lot !
  5. Hello Holton, I am very grateful for you to share DCS-to-GPS v1.4. I can use ForeFlight, WingX Pro and it works normally, but the annual fee for these apps is expensive for me. I play DCS and just hope it can Let ADI (speed, altitude), Export to my iPad. Recently I found a cheap app called A-EFIS Pro in the iOS app store(or Android app Store). It can accept X-Plane simulator use port 49000. I set the port_AHRS to the same and it still doesn’t work. I was discouraged because I almost tried the iOS app store and Android app Store. No one is feasible, I don’t know if there is a way to make A-EFIS Pro accept DCS-to-GPS output data or it’s just my desire. Because I don’t understand programming language, no matter what, thank you again for sharing. A-EFIS Pro
  6. About I'm using Multiple monitor configuration bring LSO PLAT Cam screen , just like poweroff don't show anything ! I'm overcome it ! so i can use Multiple monitor to play game and show LSO PLAT Cam screen has no problem. How to do: Open game viewport lua File (sleect using) C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Config\MonitorSetup\****.lua Ex: 1Camera.lia Can't Change center X and y value , must keep "0", and show LSO PLAT Cam screen will OK. Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; --(This value must be "0") y = 0; --(This value must be "0") width = ****; height = ****; viewDx = *; viewDy = *; aspect = ****/****; }
  7. Same here. I'm using Multiple monitor configuration Main screen (2560*1080+2560*1080) 2MFCD Export 1024*768 LSO PLAT Cam screen , just like poweroff don't show anything !
  8. update to my DCS open beta server will not launch. just keep a blank white window, I got the same problem!
  9. On my F-14cockpit to play tracks is no problem, I also use other music players, just copy the track list to the player
  10. If anyone have same problem ,when setting F-14B Cockpit's walkman and use switch side ,game CTD !
  11. Using AA Gun in ACM modes You cannot press NWS/Undesignate button to exit the ACM modes and you must switch to other weapons. And i tried to set a function key to control Radar power STBY or OPER on my HOTAS, and it's working! (^^) So now i can using AA Gun in ACM modes allows FCR to silence or active and quickly switch between Sorry, English is not my mother tongue....just google translation (^^)
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