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  1. Mod managers are just a personal preference. I use Open Mod Manager as I prefer the interface and easy of use compared to jsgme (bit old now) or ovgme.
  2. Because it is more stable on a mount and all my other devices - control panels, throttles, button boxes - are on mounts.
  3. Yes, before I bought desk mounts, I used both the Alpha and CM2 on the desk. I’m quite tall, but I had no problem with using the slightly taller CM2 on the desk despite what some people say. It may be different for you.
  4. I have owned both, and I sold my CM2 as I hugely preferred the Alpha. The tactility is much better, and it just sits so well in the hand compared to the CM2. The flip trigger was better in terms of movement and feel, as was the brake lever. The Alpha seems stronger and better built, etc. I’ve never understood this ‘better for space sim’ thing. I mean, why? Perfect for all modules in DCS and all other sims. PS. I also had the VKB Gunfighter 3 with MCG Pro, and I sent it back too!
  5. I probably will never buy another map by Ugra. Their performance in terms of customer support both here and on Normandy is pretty appalling, in my opinion. None existent really.
  6. That's good news, thanks.
  7. Can someone please confirm whether the kneeboard folder is working on this map? That is the equivalent to 'E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\terrains\MarianaIslands\Kneeboard' etc. After 2 years, the Syria map one still isn't!
  8. Still no fix for this apparently trivial issue. 2 years on!
  9. To be frank, I don't appreciate your tone. Calling me a liar is an insult, and not the kind of behaviour I would expect here. I'm glad the map is OK for you in VR, but the 10-12 fps I get in VR on this map makes it unplayable for me, whether you like it or not.
  10. Not to me they don't. I have no issue in 2D on this map. Just unusable in VR.
  11. Interesting, but it's really a VR issue. Effectively unplayable in VR, but absolutely fine in 2D.
  12. Yep, I agree. My VP2 is a definite step forward from my G2.
  13. Chuck’s guides and YT vids are all very well, but nothing beats good TMs. Would you sit your driving test only having read the theory? You probably would have lessons with an instructor.
  14. I think he’s talking about new modules/terrains.
  15. All I can say is that it works nicely for me. Well done! btw, is there a way to get lower case letters? Just wondering.
  16. if you don’t allow your PC to sleep, what problem did you solve??
  17. The issue has been resolved in the more recent versions of the VPC software with the introduction of the 'Stop USB Reports' option.
  18. I have a brand new unused Gunfighter III with MCG Pro if anyone is interested. I received it from VKB yesterday, and I have opened the package but have not even unboxed it. I bought it on a whim, but don't need it, so before I send it back to VKB, I thought I would see if anyone wants to save themselves a lot of hassle with customs etc. and take it off my hands. Including import VAT, courier fee, carriage etc. from VKB, it cost me about £396. I would be happy to sell it for that, well , say £400 plus postage. Please PM me if interested, and I'll post it very quickly. UK only please.
  19. This is why I pretty much gave up on the Harrier. About once a year, I take another look, but then realise that the situation has not really changed. Personally, I feel the EA was released too early - presumably for financial reasons - and that RAZBAM commissioned BD way too early as well. It's fine having TMs, etc. that have missing features, but the functionality of many systems has changed (often, I feel) so much that it's an opportunity wasted for RAZBAM. BD has been saying for a long time that the TMs will be updated, but I personally can't see that happening. They are still about 4 years old now, and frustratingly out of date. The situation with YT vids is exactly as you describe. Impossible to tell if useful or not atm.
  20. Sure you’re on latest OB? That issue was fixed a couple of weeks ago.
  21. Yep, great work. It’s just a pity that we can’t use it in the Syria Kneeboard, as it’s still not working after all this time!
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