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  1. Literally didn’t know that! Thank you.
  2. I will do that. Do you have this campaign? Did your progress changed your tasks?
  3. Am I doing something wrong? Now at mission 7 and I am still suggested to to A2A and SEAD. I find the AI are lousy at SEAD. I can't harm them with 88 since the SAMS rarely use radar. What's the best option?
  4. Today, after landing and after debriefing, I looked at F10 map and noticed 2 red circles. One was the mentioned strike target but I didn’t check the other. That raised a question, are trike targets permanent and could I theoretically get them all in one sortie?
  5. I think it was said before you can’t or shouldn’t adding strike to AI.
  6. I wonder if the 84e would be sufficient for the TOO given at the end of missions. They do not look like reinforced buildings. I feel I could carry one, take care of the strike, and go on with my other business. What do you think?
  7. I don't know what I am doing wrong!! First, I know how to operate the KA no problem, but I am missing something. Sometimes in a sortie, all of a sudden my VIKHR will stop locking on the target and drop to the ground about a mile out. My fire parameters are good, target locked, laser on, reticle centered. When this happens, I am screwed, all remaining VIKHR will drop. If I land and rearm it seems to do the same. Thank you for your help.
  8. I believe that you get the small box that says "destroyed" and that's it.
  9. It could be helpful if we could direct wingman’s to land/refuel at friendly airports. I agree with you about the tutorials. It took some forum reading and plane old trial&errors but once over that, it’s pretty straight forward.
  10. At the end of missions, I see scores. Plane down, landing, etc. It would be nice, if possible, to have the scoring table. For example, in a sortie I got 2 AA kills yet the scores were different.
  11. An option to reassign tasks to flights When asked to take out a target, maybe provide feedback that it worked? All I see is (Destroyed). Is that it? The above mentioned RTB comment is great. Am I wrong or we can't yet assign strike package to a flight?
  12. I used some of my old codes and something worked... You're are nowhere near mine. Lesson learned here
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