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  1. Sorry yeah also to add I want the get position to work as I need it to get prelim CAS co-ordinates. Chris
  2. Hi all - I am using the MIST respawninZone command to put enemy troops on the map, but I also want them to be firing at some random point so there is tracers etc. I was thinking that I needed a fire at point, but specifying an offset position from where they spawn in, but the getPosition command is returning 0. It also falls over if I use Group rather than Unit, but from reading about it I don't see why it would. What am I doing wrong? local unitPos = nil unitPos = Unit.getByName('YC Group 1-2'):getPosition() trigger.action.outText("Position is: "..unitPos.x.z,10)
  3. What is an F-16 pilots favourite kebab?
  4. I am getting this around 30% of the time in the cage the bear campaign
  5. No I have the same. Pimax 5k+. Basically the left side panel lights only appear in the left eye and vice versa. Ditto the torch only seems to appear in one eye depending on the side I'm looking at.
  6. Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I'm finding that if I increase the FOV from small to large, apparent resolution/clarity/sharpness goes down. It goes down further if I go to large. The difference is very noticable. Steam SS is set to 100% and auto is turned off, motion reproduction off. The resolution is going down so much that the frame rates are slightly higher in large than small - what's going on? I've been playing in normal and switching to small has just revolutionised it. Want to get that same clarity in normal. Please help! Chris
  7. Hi everyone. When I switch to large FOV, apparent resolution - i.e. clarity - appears to fall e.g. I can't read the DDIs in the hornet anymore - there seems to be some aliasing going on as wording on the loading screen seems to swim and apparent resolution seems to drop. I have PD set to 1.4, and pimax and steam SS set to 1. As soon as I switch back to normal it is fine. Any ideas? I think my rig can just about push large so keen to solve it. Chris
  8. I think this is kind of the point, assuming sweviver is right. Firstly, you get much more effective resolution due to the more complete panel usage AND you get a lower hardware requirement due to lower need for over sampling for distortion correction. With the reverb you have to drive those 2m extra pixels and we can reasonably assume that a bunch of them are being wasted to account for distortion correction and masking or whatever it's called. But like I say, that's based on the sweviver comments. Certainly if it's true, then as a cutting edge product the price is probably reasonable, I just dont want to be the first to test that! But if one or two people confirm and there are no other downsides of stability or comfort etc, then i am piling in without any hesitation.
  9. Mate go for it! I've been on the cusp for a while but need a Guinea pig from the community to validate sweviver. So entirely selfish motives!
  10. Does exactly what it says on the tin! When changing the weapon selection drum, the tooltip/label blocks the display - or at least it does in VR. Chris
  11. Hi - I've noticed that in VR when looking at the TID as RIO for example, the cursor/view cross appears to be set at a depth considerably behind the surface of the screen. This seems to happen in a couple of other places too. Chris
  12. Hi - just downloaded the latest and got an error when trying to start on Caucasus that Novorossiysk was not defined. I had to go into the Caucasus.py file and add the following line in the same place as where it was in the 1.3.3 file. novorossiysk = ControlPoint.from_airport(caucasus.Novorossiysk, COAST_DR_E, SIZE_BIG, 1.2) Think it might have slipped out in an update for some reason Now it will generate a new start. Great tool by the way!
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