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  1. Anyone? Usually newer patches come with an increased amount of code. It does say "Patch version 1.12b also includes previously released patches and fixes". Iґm just curious.
  2. How come "1.12b EngCD" is smaller in size than cdversions 1.12a and 1.11? About 10mb smaller.
  3. Just found thist thread, and as u know I cant read all pages, but the Mig.21 would be ultracool as a flyable in LO. Especially with those older different missiles! Anyone tried captainsims Mig-21?
  4. Successful landing... one of the best fighter vids Iґve seen, if not THE best! Discrete music, long cuts.
  5. Lol.. I think I know which one... it´s of a preproduction model without the bulky back, and with Thors hammer and lightnings at the side of the nose. :) It´s a nice pic Paulie, at least they keep one flying for airshows in Sweden.
  6. As a systems platform it remained top notch until the very end. That is the JA37 fighterversion. The latest D version were in fact superiour in some respects to the first batch of the JAS39. I think it was a pioneer in the datalink department, including fighter to fighter, already in the 80´s. For example the (radar)passive part of a two ship formation firing the missile while the other illuminating. Or covering a large area with few planes and great spread since they could share their display information in realtime. Other special characteristics were the extrem longshooting and accurate 30mm Oerlikon (Swizz or Austrian made) cannon. IIRC it was first developed as an antiaircraft gun. They also used to boast about its climbrate - from standing still 0km/h up to 10000m in less than 90 seconds. Haven´t got a clue how that compares to the rest really... It´s pretty clear it wouldn´t outturn any of those Pilatasso mention, but probably would give them a match in a slow speed fight. It is known for being a very responsive "pilots aircraft". I managed to see it in two airshows last summer, and it just outclasses the JAS39 Gripen as a display act. Yes, Andrew_McP put it very well... it does look brutal on the ground, but in the air the impression is quite different. Actually, the most impressive is just seeing a two ship take off for a mission without any show :). Patricksaviation.com delivers again. The fighterversion (and at least some surveillance version as well) have a taller fin which is protruding a bit backwards, compared the attackversions, which just go straight up. http://www1.patricksaviation.com/uploads/videos62/Viggen.mpeg
  7. I just got the cd delivered. At http://www.simhq.com/_air4/air_130b.html Cat writes "It should be installed to a fresh and v1.02 patched install of Lock On." I´m just curious why he writes this, when it says on the official ED pages that it can be installed over any Lockon version 1.0, 1.01 or 1.02. ? I´ve read Alfa´s and Ice´s stickys as well.
  8. Some very nice links in this thread! The AIM9x trial2 was pretty impressive. Many good videos at Patricks.
  9. I´m making some tests here offline with different alts against an excellent F-15 in my Su-27. We are both at 3000m altitude and headon. He can lock me up at 100km!!! I can detect him at 80km! I can lock him up and launch between 35-40km (R27RE). I get the first shot now, as I should, but before I reinstalled LO I got very different results (also 1.01). As stated in my post above he got the first launch despite my RE´s. I reproduced it at least ten times at 5000m, 7000m, 10000m etc. Only difference before was that LO was installed on another partition... strange. I will continue testing and post the results.
  10. Thanks! Don´t know if this is a bug but... couldn´t find the issue in the list. This is what happens offline. * flying a Su-27 * engaging an ai F15 headon on the same altitude * you have long range R27RE, TE * you don´t get LA or a lockon until several seconds after he has fired his medium range AIM120
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