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  1. How does the f10 work and why is it needed. I get stuck on mission 2. F10 works sometime and sometimes not the same way. I can't even get to the mountains.
  2. I kinda have the same problem, f10 works sometimes and not sometimes. How is the f10 supposed to work and why is it different than any other mission or campaign?
  3. I can't get the Weapons Systems and Autopilot Status using LCTRL+LSHIFT+H to work. I have checked and unchecked everything in the Options and still won't work. Any help?
  4. All missions worked great, but when mission 6 starts, it's real choppy. Almost to choppy to play. When it initially loads it loads as a small screen, then starts large but choppy. Any ideas?
  5. Hey guys. I just started this museum relic and got through mission 3. I am having trouble with Mission 4 Extra Extra. All works great until I need to climb. The aircraft then is pretty much out of control. I can't climb. What could I be doing wrong. I haven't found any help with this mission on line or YouTube, which makes me think I'm doing something wrong. Please help. I climb ok in other missions and free flight
  6. Was this problem ever fixed? I have trouble sometimes with F86 wingmen not taking off or most of the time not following orders. It's 2017 now.
  7. Thanks for the help. I just tried another mission, the Street Sweeper. I checked the mission planner and the flight freq is 225 channel 1. After starting the sim, I checked to be sure I was on the right channel and tried talking to my wingman. He answered back, yeh. When we took off he went the other direction and I couldn't talk to him any more. I tried again and the same thing happened. I tried a third time, thinking maybe I shouldn't talk to my wingman prior to take off. So I took off and he just stayed on the runway. After I took off I couldn't reach him again. I recorded the track to see my actions. When I watched the recording back, my wingman took off but didn't do any thing. Do you think I have a problem with my module? Is anyone else having similar problems. I have other aircraft I can fly, but don't want to try if nothing is going to work right. Any help is appreciated...
  8. The mission planner says frequency 225 channel 1 for aircraft and frequency 260 channel 3 for tower. They are both set correctly. I tried changing the Freq Band Switch to 200-410, but when I try to change the frequency by turning the tuning crank it will only go from 410 to 800. I can't even get it to the 225 or 260 even though I'm in the 200-410 range. The options in the comms menu for the aircraft is white. I won't even try the guns unless I can figure this out.
  9. I have read the QuickStart, and have read it again. I've tried both Easy Comms on and off. Set the UHF Power Switch to T/R+G and T/R and went to channel 1 (225) for aircraft and channel 3 (260) for Tower. I still get no response from either one. This only addresses the comms. I still don't think the guns will work, but haven't tried since the comms is not working. Any comments on what to do next? The first time I played this mission the flight heard and responded, but since then nothing. Is this a problem with the mission on my machine because it seems to be working on yours? This is really frustrating and just makes me want to turn it all off and walk away...
  10. I have tried some of the training mission. They seem to work differently. How do I use easy comms, where do I find it? Thanks for the help
  11. I'm having trouble with the first Jet Strike Fighter Mission. My wing men will not do anything I tell them, they won't even answer. The Automatic bomb drop does not work, but the manual does. I can't get any of the guns to work either. I'm new to this sim, but it seems as though this should work better than it does. Has anyone else had these problems and if so, what is the fix?
  12. Sorry about this, I'm new. How do I make a new post with a new question? Thanks Terry
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