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  1. Ah, I see how you've done it. I was calling the script once from triggers and assuming it just worked forever, but you're calling it in a Perform Command > Run Script at the last waypoint. Thanks heaps!
  2. Trying to get a patrol route working with MIST 4_5_107 and the "Boat Armed Hi-speed". I can't get it to work and wondering if it doesn't work with boats? mist.ground.patrolRoute({gpData = 'MyBoats', pType = 'nil', offRoadForm = 'diamond', speed = 15}) The script is definitely running, and that's definitely the correct group name. tia
  3. Hey, I can't find with the search and I'm not reading 53 pages How can I delete a carrier and/or other imported objects in CombatFlite?
  4. Have you properly boresighted? Are you sighting with the TADS or with the monocle? Is it accurate in close? 2.6 miles is right at the max range and beyond the effective range of the gun. At that range any lateral movement or even wind is going to cause you to miss. Also remember it's an area weapon, not meant to snipe gnats at 4km.
  5. Try lowering your textures setting. Many have found this solves frames/stutter issues in the apache. It seems to be a known issue compared to other modules, see the VR performance thread.
  6. > Transition Horizon Line. Indicates the horizon relative to the LOS reticle in a 4:1 movement ratio in the pitch axis, up to a maximum of ±30° in pitch. The pitch ladder is in Cruise mode, you're looking at Transition mode.
  7. Yes that's true, but it's not that simple as there's a lot going on with both mechanical and aerodynamic forces. So yes you cyclic forward, the swashplate goes up on the left, the force is applied up at the back via the pitch change links, but then the air applies an upforce to the rotor blade at the back which is translated to up on the right. It's exacerbated with high torque settings, high speed, asymmetry of lift etc. it could well be stalling the retreating side too - you're holding right cyclic at high speed, which is giving you high AoA on the left, which might stall if the relative airflow suddenly comes more from above. My rotary theory is 25+ years old though, so I could well be barking up the wrong tree. And it may well be unrealistically over-exaggerated, I have no RL experience in the Apache and only limited in a Blackhawk.
  8. I have noticed similar, but I put it down to a combination of gyroscopic precession and not properly understanding how the stabilator interacts with the main rotor. When you nose down, you're applying a downforce at the front of the disc, and an upforce at the back of the disc. Gyroscopic precession will apply those 90 deg in the direction of rotation, so that's up on the right and down on the left, which is what you're seeing. Essentially, gotta take it easy with a flying tank. I'm not sure this is a bug.
  9. But if george is hovering with a bunch of left pedal, that's not trim, it's control input. When you take control, your control inputs snap to zero so it's no wonder you lose control. Before I take control from george I'm careful to put my controls roughly where I'd expect them to be so there's no snap change. Is there any reason to jump in the back once you've started up, until you're back on the ground ready to shutdown? You can fly perfectly well from the front. Adjusting external lighting is basically the only reason I can think of.
  10. "Fly" is effectively full power, governed by the aircraft systems to maintain rotor rpm. The only reason you'd lockout your throttles is to nurse the throttles manually in the event of a governor failure or similar, and at that point you're taking on the role of the governor.
  11. There is a button mapping called "request controls" or something similar.
  12. Definitely playable in SP. Startup from the backseat, then jump in the front (press 2). George is ok for hovering and cruise, but I wouldn't trust him at lowish levels over bumpy terrain. I do all the manual flying from the front under 500' unless we're hovering in a battle position. George in the frontseat is functional but not great. No IFF and kinda frustrating in anything but simple training scenarios. Kick him to the back. In terms of an experience: MP with another human > SP CPG, george in the back > SP/MP pilot, george in the front
  13. Thanks for confirming Wags. This is probably my #1 wishlist item for the module, along with VR performance.
  14. Thanks bud. We have it up on the Rotors & Rust server and will let you know how it goes. Your missions are a server favourite.
  15. Hey Grimm, I put a RotorOps mission (the Cyprus one) up on my server last night and the boys have been loving it. Only change I made was adding 6 Apache slots and we're fighting through zone 3, with a few apache wrecks littering the hills RPGs are no joke! Really feels alive, great job. Would there be a possibility to configure how many of each aircraft slot you wanted in the configurator? Again, really nice job (and you too, Mr Nobody).
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