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  1. I just want some news, I'm sick of barely adequate performance from a 9700k and 3080 when running a Reverb G2 in VR. If ED get it right, they could turn this into _the_ premier VR application for PC.
  2. Morat


    Will that datalink talk to any other types? Like A10C or Apache?
  3. Sometimes, certainly. Probably most times. But there has to be a point where Paddles looks at some horribly damaged jet and says "Nope". Or so I'd have thought, sounds like I'm wrong!
  4. It's February! I'm very much looking forward to this update, it's the bedrock of the whole experience going forward. The hardware requirements are fierce and upgrades rare and expensive! Good luck ED, I hope all your commits are bug free
  5. Anything that avoids the horrible mission loading screen stutter gets my vote.
  6. Is the likelyhood of repair considered? I mean, if it's physically possible to land a damaged plane but it's not going to fly again - why take a risk instead of just banging out near the helo?
  7. SA map is a day one purchase for me! It's going to be exciting. I might even play as an Argentinian to do Death Star runs on San Carlos water!
  8. IMO 1500 (dollars? Euros?) is ambitious for a VR build but if you have the Quest2 already I can see why it's tempting. The biggest issue is going to be getting hold of a GPU. I'd recommend holding onto the cash until you can find a GPU with an acceptable price. In a sane world you'd walk into a store and buy a 3080 for RRP and build the rest of your system around it. Sadly we left that world far behind VR in DCS is an absolute GPU killer, you'll almost certainly end up GPU constrained no matter what you buy so concentrate here first. IMO, YMMV etc Even if ED manage to release a wonder-patch this year that fixes VR optimisation and allows true multicore, you'll just crank up the settings
  9. Well, at least it's possible! Now it just needs to be affordable, which could be quite a challenge.
  10. https://discord.gg/ES8kHSRB Welcome to the madness
  11. Everyone should try VR if they can. If you don't like it, or can't get on with it then at least you've saved yourself a pile of cash. To do DCS VR properly needs top end EVERYTHING. Let's hope that the new DCS Engine brings meaningful performance upgrades in VR because right now it's marginal - even with my 3080. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing. The sense of being there, of looking out over the wing in 3D and seeing the world swish past is just fantastic. I can read all the gauges, I can spot aircraft far away. I often find it easier to look into weird nooks and crannies in the cockpit in VR than I ever did with head tracking BUT I'm not aware of anyone who is satisfied with the FPS at the high detail levels you need to make it look that good. I'm lucky, I can stand low FPS in VR even down to the low 30s but some people can't and they're unlikely to enjoy extended periods watching the DCS Engine chug away. For contrast, I can run Half Life Alyx at high everything and it's stunning. I can run DCS in flatland 4k no sweat.. but DCS in VR is a monster. Of course, it's not just the PC itself. You'll want everything else. Pedals? pfft, need you ask? You'll definitely need a high end HOTAS to map all the controls. You'll find yourself realising that the next time you have a spare £200 you'll probably spend it on extra Warthog grips so you can get to match the VR cockpit with what you can feel in the 18 and the Tomcat. You might find yourself buying a 3D printer so you can print out the Authentikit warbird controls for the same reason. I know I have. The printer is on order right now... IF you have the system, IF you can live with the performance in DCS then VR flight is just the best Gaming Experience I've ever enjoyed. But If you can bring yourself to fly DCS without VR and you're still happy with the old school, 2D, limited version of DCS then you may just be a very lucky person. Maybe.
  12. Same Issue here still. If I jump between A10C2 - F14B - F16C (or any sequence of them) I end up with vomit inducing lag. I just quit the server when I change planes now. It's quicker than waiting for it to sort itself out (which it used to do in previous versions after a couple of minutes). CPU 9700K, GPU 3080, Reverb G2, RAM 32Gb 3200Mhz, SSD Samsung 980Pro 1Tb (dedicated to DCS)
  13. DLSS Support Multicore/Vulkan rollout Better VR optimisation (leveraging the two previous points) Credible AI Bug fixes Thank you and Happy New Year!
  14. Yep, they're pretty much a suicide weapon with the current state of AI gunners. Even if you launch at 700m and turn there's still a decent chance you'll get head-shotted by an 88mm! But they're fun when used against targets who don't shoot back.
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