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  1. Gotta wait for chuck to finish his.
  2. Same, changed over from steam almost a year back and now regretting xD
  3. The Thread has reported in front now. So ED is probably on it as we speak
  4. I agree, but its this way already for years and people have complained about it for years. Nothing has changed. So i've just learned to accept it and wait for a patch.
  5. I think never cause its every single major OB update that they fix or add one thing and break 3 things in the proces. But i also think we cant complain to much since were playing the beta version...
  6. Like the title is saying, i'm suffering from freezes and these happen 9/10 times when somebody connects or disconnect from the server. They also seem to be more appearent when a server has a high number of players. Is anybody having or had the same issue and found a fix for it. These freezes or driving my crazy as the always happen in dogfights or when moving on the ground.
  7. Yes it is. Its working on all other modules, even the J-11A, but not on the SU-27...
  8. Dear peoples, Recently I cant use my stick and throttle with the Su27, it doenst recognize it or something. Non of the other planes are affected. I dont have a clue how to fix it and maybe there is somebody on the forum that can help...
  9. I cant believe that if you promote a product like the F/A-18c so hard before its release. you "just" forget to post all changes in a changelog. And its not only the hornet, its every module that has stuff missing from the changelog.
  10. Nobody knows. ED is being ED
  11. Guys, i have a liitle problem joining your server. When i load in, i get to the spawn menu and then it kicks me back to the main menu. Can you help me with this propblem, Your server is the only one i have this problem with... EDIT: Problem solved!
  12. Same problem here with steam. But i can play the stand alone version just fine.
  13. Loving this server because the server I normally go to seems to be offline. The one thing I dont love is the "real world time mirroring" script. In short this means whenever i come online on this server after 1700 hours, its pitch black. The server says it has a restart voting system, through which players can vote for a restart and it will be daylight again. The problem is, this script only works on two planes: Su-25T and another one I forgot. I was in a match today were most players were trying to vote but were unable to because their plane didnt have the option enabled in the radio menu. Maybe this is a thing for the server host?
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