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  1. Cpg boresight is impossivle in vr and both eyes
  2. Needs to go. Waste of joystick keybind and no visual animation in the cockpit. Just confuses everyone especially new pilots
  3. Runs Butter smooth for me in vr
  4. My problem is solved by rebooting my pc....
  5. how do I set L1 as Modifier? I can select only Lshift, LCTRL etc. Pressing L1+L2 does nothing either update: nvm figured it out
  6. As the normal rudder axis is over sensible I tried to set a curve but with no luck. No matter what curve I set the rudder feels always the same. i use the TH tfrp. In other modules this works fine but in the Apache not
  7. DC with current AI will be „interesting“…and performance in single digits. I am waiting for DC since 2008 ( my first post in here) and after 14 years doubt we will see one one day
  8. That’s the 2021 roadmap . My excitement cooled off
  9. How hard can it be? It’s just a 2d texture come on….
  10. I fly sims for 30years and most of these planes are unknown to me. And I bet it’s the same for most. You heavily over expactate interest in such airframes
  11. I am not sure how they plan to make money in 2-3 years. All the big modules will be out. The last doable modules with very big interest are f15 and EF. the f4 might sell some but not in f16/f15/f18 ranges. They will need to push for a f22 somehow
  12. Hence you managed to only deliver 10% of last years roadmap I wouldn’t have put much into it anyway ….super carrier updates, dynamic campaign, Vulkan, atc, flir, better ai…yeah where is it? Pretty much only one thing was delivered and that’s clouds. And these only with presets and zero dynamism. Pretty disappointing 2021 for me tbh
  13. this is really terribly bad. I just tried to make some cinematic taxiing in my mission and joust found out about this. Seeing this beein an issue for over 4 years already I dont know what to say. ED when do we get good AI? Not landing because something is taxiing. what can you say....
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