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  1. I figured it out. I was using argument 40 instead of 407!
  2. Hi, I'm modeling a tale dragger plane and got all the animations to work except for the propeller turning ("40" Draw angle of propeller rotation ) when the engine is started and the steering of the tail wheel ( "2" Steering angle nose gear ) when taxiing. I have set a keyframe after every 90° rotation. The prop is linked to a dummy box which has the animation appllied to it. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thx!
  3. Hi, I am reworking some of the large buildings in DCS 1.5 caucasus map. I am making some custom buildings in 3D Max and exporting the *edm files. I then exchange the new model with the original one. Everything works fine, however when I approach the building from further away it is the original structure and only when I come closer it switches to my new building. This most probably has to do with the LOD arrangement of how the structures are being displayed. Can anyone tell me where the low-res LOD models of the structures can be found? I checked in the HIGH/ EDM / folder but there are no models to be found that could correspond to the building I replaced. thanx for your help!
  4. Hi everyone, I was thinking of replacing the Airbus300 planes at Mc Carren. Can anyone tell me where the corresponding .edm file is? I found a Aircrafts.ref file in the : Mods/terrains/Nevada/Models/Aircrafts folder. Is this the plane? If yes, how can I open this file? Thanx!
  5. Hi, is there a document listing all the *.EDM files in the STRUCTURE folder, preferably with thumbnails? Unfortunatly the PREVIEW folder does not show all the buildings used in DCS WORLD 1.5 In FSX we use a document like this one: http://lc0277.gratisim.fr/sceneobjects/ Also, is there a better and more presice way to place objects on the map than the MISSION EDITOR? thanx!
  6. Hi, I'm flying around in DCS World 1.5 using Starways Vietnam Package. Everything looks great, however I would like to get rid of the Street lights. Does anyone know where I can find the .EDM file? Thanx!
  7. Hi everyone, I want to get some boats moving up and down the river in DCS 1.5. A lot of voices say it can't be done, but then I read a mention that you need to do some tweeks to make it work. I also found these screenshots that show that it is possible. Can anybody tel me how this is done. Thanx!
  8. Thanx Mustang! Does anyone know how to get rid of the power cables in DCS 1.5?
  9. Hi Everyone, I am having a great time going back to DCS 1.5 in combination with the fantastic Starway Vietnam Mod. (great work Starway!) When flying my Huey I am bothered by the power lines in the scenery. Is there anyway to remove them? I think the easiest way is to remove them from the DCS WORLD/Bazar/World/Shapes/ folder. However I have no idea what the model file for the power lines is called. Does anyone have a clue? thanx!!
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