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  1. Thank you Spike, you helped me get there. I found the command. General/Axis Commands/Camera zoom view. somehow it is unmapped. But when I join another server it mapped itself. Setting it back to MOUSE_Z
  2. Looks nice but not relevant. None of these commands do what I am talking about. Scroll mouse in ISOMETRIC view to change to POV height.
  3. Can you tell me what the command is for the scroll? Slow zoom in and out don't work for me, only mouse scroll.
  4. I think a setting somewhere is overriding this option but I can no longer "scroll" to alter the height of the 3rd person view when driving an Abrams for instance. If I join a server with TC slots enabled I can use the scroll. If I try on my own machine in single player, the ability is gone. I've tried reinstalling CA and deleting the ground_unit config folder with no luck. I'm out of ideas. any help would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you Flappie for your help this morning. Although we didn't replicate that particular error, Suggestion to anyone who may have this issue, Try using nVidia control Panel v-Sync instead of DCS. We were able to reproduce the Frame-halving at Dawn/ Dusk on the Syria map.
  6. DCS Australian Server. Mission is now called [v.008][0851][HUNGERGAMES][01072020] the mission gets updated pretty regularly
  7. Just throwing this out there, you could try joining the server running the mission already.
  8. Thought I'd add this screenshot.. Taken after the freeze. I know how to avoid the issue, essentially only zoom as far as you have to. As soon as you go to maximum zoom on an area with units. you can see the tree animation just grind to a halt on the map. 100% reproducible for me at least.
  9. Mission attached, thank you. I've heard from other players saying it isn't just the Syria Map. [v.093]V256][0559][MCV-HUNT][01072020].miz
  10. i renamed it from .log to.zip just rename it to DCS.log
  11. This is a top 3 for issues in DCS. don't ignore it please.
  12. It may also be related to CTLD script created units? dcs-log.zip
  13. Multiplayer Clients Only This freeze can be repeated and has been present for 3 or more patches now. Group some AI units together on a map in close proximity and in f10 Map view zoom in on the units and your game will freeze. Only CTRL+ALT+DEL can end the session.
  14. Ice

    Fuel tanks

    So new patch and same situation. I hope it doesn't happen every time :(
  15. Excellent! thanks again!
  16. At night time all units, enemy and friendly glow brighter than streetlamps which means they can be seen from 30 or 40 miles away making them impossible to hide. Why is this so?, can I turn it off?
  17. Ice

    Fuel tanks

    Great work Thank you, all fixed :)
  18. Ice

    Fuel tanks

    Hi Flappie, thanks for looking into this. If I create a new mission it is no problem as well it seems For me it is still a big problem because the mission I made has taken up all of my spare time since the map release and now the inventory seems to be screwed. Please take a look and see if it can be repaired? It was fine before the update [v085]V256b][0739][HQ-HUNTERS][28091994].miz
  19. Ice

    Fuel tanks

    Since the update, the Limited Resources of Airfields and Carriers is not working properly for F18's and F14's at least. Fuel tanks are unavailable unless unlimited ammo is selected. Opening the Inventory lists shows about 20 or so Blank Boxes where stores should be. Another issue carried over from the last is often on Syria map, zooming in close to ground units will freeze the DCS program.
  20. Ice

    New Labels.lua

    Is it possible to have a version that can also filter out Helis?
  21. Is there a way to make the HMD less bright for night time? The default dimmer just doesn't go low enough
  22. Not sure if its been reported, I cant find anything about it but its been a glitch for a very long time. Using CTLD, we have the ability to create units in a multiplayer map. but once you do there is always a ghost icon of the crate. Is this likely to be addressed in the not too distant future?
  23. I can repeat the issue on my network. Reboot PC, join session and in the first 10 minutes all clients get disconnected at the same time, LAN or WAN. Only happens once after a reboot. Has been consistent for all of 2.56.
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