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  1. There was a great Fighter Pilot Podcast recently (FPP118) where a A-3 pilot was talking about how they would position themselves out front of a low fuel state aircraft that was having trouble getting aboard. Meaning if he boltered he could find the tank right in front of him. I can’t remember if an altitude was mentioned but it sounded like 1500 feet could be feasible.
  2. That’s awesome, seems to be great at catching deck spotting!
  3. Reagan onwards have a ‘bulbous bow’ design which makes the hull different in that respect.
  4. We had another bolter last week, it seems very connected with aircraft attitude and rate of descent. The aircraft in question was also way off centerline so hard to pin down on any one thing. It’s working great though, no need for changes
  5. Yeah we are not seeing any more Bolters, maybe it was the internet host on that night.
  6. We didn’t see any this week, still not sure what caused it the previous week.
  7. Great work and filming, greatly enjoyed watching this!
  8. Yes we also had single launches tonight in our MP mission. The crew wouldn’t start guiding you to the cat until the jet on the other cat had launched.
  9. Thats ironic considering that having a human LSO is much more realistic than an AI one.
  10. I normally just hit LALT + F9 (LSO view) and grab the ships heading from the top of the PLAT cam, this is same as BRC.
  11. Hi fans of PLAT movies, the above video represents the last Stingers PLAT cam video. I was trying to make it to episode 113 but it has just become too much work. Thanks for your kind viewership and looking forward to seeing other squadrons videos!
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