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  1. Any news on quest compatibility? Just read about an update.. regarding hand recognition... where it sees your hand.. and allows you to manipulate things
  2. :thumbup: Thanks Mate!
  3. Does anybody know when exactly it's going to appear? And is it safe to assume that when opening the program, an automatic update will occur, that will install it?
  4. IdefixRC... I want to graciously thank you for sharing your X-55 profile for the F-16. Thats exactly what I was looking for, as it matches very closely to what i use in BMS. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
  5. Made it into a flight, thanks to all of you! Added my Mustang into a bombing mission shared in this forum. Flew alongside a few B-17s once they got airborne. Very cool! Now just need to learn how to fire guns.
  6. So is there...or is there not.. a flyable B-17 bomber? If so, don't think I've seen it avail.
  7. Where do I find a detailed description of the asset pak?. All I have found for a description is.. "provides numerous World War II air, land and sea assets to populate the Normand and other DCS World maps" Which led me to believe their were aircraft included?
  8. OMG.. thats all there is to it? Guess I have some planes to buy! Thanks everyone :)
  9. We'll.. I have the assets pak.. are there no planes there?
  10. Think I'm getting close guys.. where is this.. player.. select? And thanks everyone for the help.. much appreciated :helpsmilie: Edit Found the "Player" skill selection, but it is only available in a-10c, p51.. but not in spitfire. Shouldn't there be more aircraft available that allow player selection?
  11. I'm dying to fly in this space, but just can't seem to get into a cockpit. Be gentle guys.. I'm not a regular user of DCS, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Normandy and the assets appear to be installed. So how do I go about making, starting a simple mission to just look around in.
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