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  1. Hi All, I’ve been using PointCTRL for a month now and it’s awesome. It really takes VR to a new level, so much better then trying to find the mouse or use clumsy hand controllers to click around the cockpit. It’s very intuitive to use and after a few flights becomes second nature. The units on your index fingers are small and light enough where they don’t inhibit the use of flight controls for either fixed wing or rotary wing. I’d also highly recommend the advanced kit. The extra buttons on the headset add to immersion as you can lift your hand up to your headset to press key binds such as ‘salute’ or ‘NVG’ which again is an intuitive movement like locking NVG’s down on your helmet. If you change headsets over time don’t worry. Miles was very responsive to assisting me with the appropriate 3D files so that I could print my replacement HMS cover. I understand there can be some wait time on orders but if you are serious about VR I would highly recommend this peripheral. Safety first, fun always. Quinny
  2. When VRK is running is anyone else getting blue screens of death on their G2, or SteamVR crashes, mostly when loading up a busy mission or a campaign. VRK just isn't working for me anymore and DCS just freezes upon loading into the cockpit. I didn't have this issue until recently. DCS runs fine when VRK isn't open and sometimes VRK works ok in simple training missions or instant actions.
  3. I use this. Sometimes it has some bugs and crashes but updates aren't usually to far behind which fix any issues. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/211308-vrk-a-virtual-reality-enabled-kneeboard-with-touch-and-ink-support/
  4. Hi All, After a break from DCS I have done the 2.7 update. Now my left hand Reverb G2 controller joystick controls the aircrafts flight stick and interferes like when you have multiple joysticks for the same aircraft assigned. I can’t find out how to turn this off or ‘un-assign’ without turning the controller off. I’d like to use the controller to click around the cockpits still until the day that PointCTRL finally arrives…if ever. Any ideas? Cheers
  5. Haha yes that is true, wasn’t sure if that is a limit of the sim or not. Either way I only look under the NVG’s to look inside the cockpit like normal so I don’t pay much notice to that.
  6. NVG image blur when looking in cockpit is accurate. This is because ANVIS goggles can be focused between about 40cm to infinity. When you focus your goggles you normally set the optimal clarity about 30 - 50ft away from you so that you can most clearly see obstacles when conducting confined area operations (primarily helicopters) and you can't see detail in objects hundreds or thousands of feet away anyway. When you do this anything within around 3ft or closer will be blurry hence cockpit gauges are blurry through NVG's. Can we alter the size of the NVG ring though as it's cutting into the sweet spot of the Reverb G2's making it harder to see the gauges under the NVGs. Although not realistic it would be helpful to have no ring or a very thing ring around the NVG's. Cheers
  7. I have pre-orded and can't wait to get a set of these. I'm sick of having to pick up a VR controller to click around the cockpit then put it back down. Would it be posible to add/sync the DCS VR hand models to these devices? I can imagine the immersion being better again if your hand is moving around the cockpit as it does when using VR controllers in DCS. Cheers and thanks for this amazing piece of tech.
  8. Stock NVG settings with the VR Shaders mod actually works almost perfect with the Reverb G2. Don't need Tacca's NVG mod now. One question though, can the blurryness (is that a word) be dialed down around the NVG ring so it's a clean NVG circle? I see in C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\shaders\deferred\_HMD.hlsl you can make adjustments. Will one of these affect blurryness outside of the NVG ring? Cheers
  9. Thanks guys look forward to testing these. Hopefully Tacca's NVG mod works over the top as well. Trying to get a proper NVG look is a nightmare with the Reverb G2's dual displays.
  10. I know we can get mission kneeboards to load onto VRK but can we get the module specific kneeboards like for the F-14 and AV-8B or is this not possible. It's immersion breaking to have to bring up the stock DCS kneeboard to see these pages. Cheers love the application.
  11. If you guys aren't aware check out VRKneeboard. This allows us VR users to have a virtual kneeboard that is customisable including taking notes like 9-lines.
  12. I believe that was just the 'pause' TrackIR key what ever you had that bound to. +1 for VR head tracking not moving the gun around.
  13. Yeah I like to dive into the Performance Data section and plan. I'll be interested to see how the Polychop simulation goes and if the predicted TQ's in the manual are accurate enough to use in the sim. The Huey is a bit out but I believe they are working on new flight dynamics and engine model for it.
  14. Thanks mate, appreciate the info. I thought better safe then cop a forum ban.
  15. No as I'd rather keep the axis of the throttle instead of it emulating key strokes.
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