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  1. Does anyone know how to stop applications like TeamSpeak from triggering the SimShaker software? Not a show stopper - just an annoyance.
  2. OK! I figured it out! Sound Mode Setup with dual output setup! 1. Plugged in Headphones into the FiiO e10 DAC+AMP and set it to default device. 2. Plugged in the Gametrix-908 Jet Seat into the Creative Lab Soundblaster Zx sound card ( to use the used Creative Studio EQ to play around with settings) 3. Set my Headphones to playback through the Gametrix-908 Jet Seat via Stereo Mix. No matter what I did - I couldn't boost the Gametrix Jet Seat feedback with the SB software to the levels that remotely reached the DAC+AMP with zero effort (it literally was plug and play). I think the issue was with the soundcard so I sent it back. Thus, the best results (for my hardware setup) was simply connecting the Headphones + Gametrix Jet Seat into the DAC+AMP directly. Setting the in game sounds to 50% gave my ears leeway run up the DAC+AMP to higher levels which obviously gave more juice to the Headphones + Gametrix Jet Seat combo. The guns sounded amazing and the engine rpm changes were noticeable - but not as pronounced as I would like. Maybe if someone had EQ settings and other setup instructions on how to use EQ settings to separate engine sound from other gun sounds - this isn't as issue with DCS as the API communicates with the Gametrix Jet Seat. Note: This is just a Sound Mode Issue for games that do not support the Jet Seat. Awesome product Andre!
  3. I think I figured it out! I'll report back with step by step!
  4. Thanks Andre! For the file of me - I can't get the sound mode to work with a DAC+AMP to save my life Grrr! Any help - anyone?
  5. Question about Sound Mode Andre - Here is what I am trying to do. Is there any way to use the DAC+AMP and the JetSeat in "Sound Mode"? 1. I have a headphones (default device) I am using with an PCIe sound card for virtual surround sound. 2. I have a Fiio E10 DAC+AMP pluged into a USB 2.0 I tried to plug in the JetSeat into the DAC+AMP and in windows use stereo mix to play what default device is hearing through the JetSeat but I don't feel the JetSeat working. What I think is the problem is the DAC+AMP is connected via USB and will only work in games with USB support, like DCS but not IL-2 because it's not supported via USB - correct?
  6. I did read good reviews on the X1 and X2s as well. Howevver, I went with the Beyer Dynamics DTS 990 Pro instead.
  7. Question: Can someone post a picture of your SimShaker for Aviators settings please if you have several - maybe one your favorite piston and jet aircraft That would be great! I'll buy you a beer if you are ever in Las Vegas or the Austrian Grand Prix this year :)
  8. :thumbup:No way! Seriously! Donating as soon as my wife leaves her purse within reach!
  9. Love the software - trying it out this weekend! Question: So what do I get with SSA software and the Gametrix 908 Jet Seat with Andre's mod that I don't get with the payware SimShaker Sound Module?
  10. Well I think as the weekend rolls around we'll get some help for these guys. I have looked and low for a Youtube tutorial with no avail. I have got it to work in IL-2 BOK via sound mode. So after installing the SSA drivers - I tested it and it worked.
  11. Guys - So after install SSA_Setup.exe, what do I do next? Os do I not need it? Only the - Jet Seat Control Panel?
  12. Hey I have a question - does this work with the Bf 109K and Fw 190D-9?
  13. It's Here! Pleasure doing business with you Andre - you come as advertised bro! :thumbup:
  14. Mel - Thank you for that review. My goal is to upgrade from the MS FF2 stick now that I will have feedback from my chair - which is more realistic than just a joystick shaking. My Saiteck X-56 is childish just now!:megalol:
  15. Rgr that! sounds good mate!:pilotfly::thumbup:
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