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  1. Have fun and enjoy my first "cinematic" DCS Movie :D
  2. But this server cannot load missions so it can not even start
  3. The mission is loading forever Server cannot load any mission and im unable to change some of settings. I tried repairing dcs and deleting dcs folder in saved games. Any fix?
  4. Im using this monitor with GTX 1060 6GB and im getting 45-70 FPS on high details. After applying some fixes to interface, I am able to perform the CASE I procedure without any problem and simultaneously use the radio.
  5. Make this livery for B737 Pls https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8755564
  6. Im using DELL (1908FP) 1280x1080 as RMFCD and Samsung (Syncmaster P2250) 1920x1080 i want to have radar and EP-13 on left (DELL) screen, like on F-15C etc. but in Viggen that not work
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