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  1. Thanks for your contributions @CARTOK- they are greatly appreciated. @GlideWe can use any contributors we can get. Just hit us up on the Discord server. As with any open source project its difficult to get folks to contribute. If it wasn't for people primarily like Frank and Apple and countless others that help out here and there, the Moose project would likely be dead.
  2. Yes, a lot of API requests like this one do not return anything for players. Would be nice if they did. + 1 from me in general for these additional scripting API calls.
  3. Build errors are not a problem. Just ignore and start using Eclipse.
  4. Has anyone poured over the SET documentation. I wouldn't doubt if such a thing exists although I don't think I've used it or looked for it before.
  5. This thread was about scripting not about flying. Your response was about scripting not flying. I responded about scripting not flying. You're telling someone else that this game isn't for them because of the complexities of scripting yet your analogy was completely wrong. And that is all I was pointing out.
  6. Yeah, bad analogy. If you want something way more complex, way more involved scripting wise, way more modable, way more involved then its Arma. DCS is nowhere even remotely close to Arma in this manner. I'm talking in mission design, scripting, modding. Having said that you can also do things a lot simpler in Arma scripting as well because it was made for that and has about 1000x more available to it than DCS scripting engine does.
  7. RAT wasn't really meant for combat I don't think. Purely for background traffic but if you have something that works then its all good.
  8. Ok good, so you were able to verify it was something else and not Moose right?
  9. Yeah, unfortunately this answer is correct. In fact, this is one of the only ways I've been able to get DCS to crash reliably via scripting by trying to do such a thing!!
  10. Not 100% sure but A2A Dispatcher is specific for airbases as a base of operations sort of speak. I don't know if there is an option to spawn elsewhere as it is hinged on an airbase. You can look into AI_CAP or others which is a bit different but you'd be able to spawn from wherever you want.
  11. We have hundreds of people using Moose daily and haven't heard from anyone else having issues like this. It could be something specific you are using in your mission. Try slimming down various parts of what you are using to see if you can pinpoint the issue.
  12. As BigNewy stated this is a known issue. Has been for probably a year or more. It is intermittent however. In other words it doesn't always happen. You can run the mission 10 times and a good number of times re-arming will just be broken whereas other times it will actually work. Just wanted to state that fact for the ED team because it may not be apparent if they try this ONCE and things work for them. For me it was mortars which take only a few mins to reload. Also, once you notice it broken with one unit, none of your units in the mission will get rearmed.
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