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  1. Thats true, but i want ED to make them.
  2. Hey Crew Chief, do you think I wanna hold this helmet bag all day long?
  3. Maybe you can have animation where the pilot slips and fall and damage the helmet and you see a disappointed crew chief. (Just a thought)
  4. The preplanned waypoints wont load when you load the data cartridge (9099)
  5. Viggens waypoint(s) in the mission two towns seems to be fup. But it also be viggen is bugged
  6. Go higher on the DDR 4 memory. Tip for DCS go for a powerful CPU and 64 gb ram.
  7. From i understand that in real life is that chaff irl works by reflecting away the radar beams. And that will create a shadow/blind spot for the radar. However i tested this in dcs it does not seem to work that way. My preferred method in dcs is the following 1. LOS 2. Drain the missile from its energy 3. Notch it
  8. If I shot an AMRAAM and during its passive phase (where its takes guidance from the FCR) the radar loses its lock. And then i re-acquire the same bandit. Will the FCR keep feeding the missile with guidance information or is the missile just flying on its own?
  9. Their is no proof that he actually is a real fighter pilot.
  10. I heard from different fighter pilot documentaries that during high loads (7g+). It is impossible to move your head around. Is there any plan to implement something similar to the game?
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