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  1. I think if you are lasing for your wingman to guide his or her weapons the procedure is basically the same as if you were guiding your own weapons. The MARK laser is for pointing at stuff for people with NVGs, not for weapons guidance.
  2. Hi,in the DCS controller settings make sure the twist axis on the stick is not set up as a slider (make sure the box is unticked). I don’t use the x56 software or windows calibration and rudder works fine for me in game. Let me know about the slider thing.
  3. Try the real laser, not the mark laser
  4. I feel like I am going to get out of my depth pretty quickly here, but KG * (distance / time*2) has dimensions of momentum, not force. I'm assuming that by kn, or KN, or N you are talking about the magnitude of the thrust? And that by KG you mean the mass of the aircraft? If so, I think you might try measuring the acceleration of the jet and convert that to a force. Then make some assumptions about how the force varies with velocity, and how air resistance is going to increase with velocity. Cheers P
  5. I want to add another +1 for the homemade track IR option. I use OpenTrack and a PlayStation web cam, it cost just a few pounds/dollars and works brilliantly. Before that I used the mouse using my throttle hand which was ok for a short while.
  6. Hi, First of all can you say which mission you are actually flying? In the 'Canister Munition' Training mission there are no retarded bombs loaded, so it can't be that one. Is it the final 'Weapons Qualification' mission on the Nevada map? If not I can't find the mission you are talking about. What version are you running? I tried both the missions above and the Rockeyes drop ok, I am on Maybe take a screenshot as you dive on the target and we can take a look at the setup? Are you trying to drop in AUTO or CCIP mode? Thanks
  7. No problem here. Could you provide a screenshot to show the problem? And maybe one of the graphics settings? Mumby
  8. It’s on the rearm/refuel screen where you choose your bombs. Right hand side about half way up.
  9. The only thing that really works for me is to make sure I drop the gear and flaps while still in the turn as soon as I see 250kts. By the time I roll out wings level the ballooning effect has passed and I can concentrate on getting on speed. M
  10. Hi, That video is 6 months old, possibly something changed in the meantime? Do you get bricks as you close the range?
  11. In addition to what people have said about the grades being shown in the debrief window, while in the cockpit you can press the ' key to get the score window, or go to your Control Options (Escape-> Adjust Controls) and find the Action "Score window" under the general category and see what key you have mapped to it by default. Now you can keep track as you fly. Also very useful in multiplayer. Cheers, P
  12. My only comment is: very well done! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  13. To raise your PoV (which is very very low in the screenshot) try RCtrl-RShift-Num8. I think Num5 resets to the centre.
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