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  1. With compostie version 0.6.3 the whole installation and use process for this appears to have changed. (https://gitlab.com/Jabbah/open-composite-acc/-/releases) Does anyone have a link to an updated "how to" guide since the move to 0.6.3, which steps me though each download and install? I have looked at a few YT videos that are as recent as March 2022, and they all seem to be referring to the older 0.6.2 layout, the links for which are no longer usable...
  2. Does the "already reported" mean that ED already know about this? Was this previously fixed but has now resurfaced? I am a bit lost with this bug... It is a massive time waste for customers to deal with, and maybe ED thinks it is not an issue any more. . .
  3. This image shows what happens to the weapons availability at an airfield every time ED puts out a new patch with changes to the weapons. 1. Updated weapons default back to 100 availability, ruining any attempt by mission makers and hosts to stick to custom weapons sets (especially important for creating historically-based limitations) 2. New weapons get added which populate the top of the list. These remain un-named until we do a bit of jiggery pokery to effectively reset the whole warehousing at that base, which requires a couple of mission saves and re-loads. Now, this isn't a problem for people who host missions with 1 or 2 bases or people who don't care about weapons availability. But for those of us who do or did, this can require 30+ minutes per mission to "fix" per patch (each airfield having to be checked and updated). I've hosted playlists of 15 to 20 missions before, meaning that a single patch resulted in the loss of 8 hours of my time to go through and correct all this induced drag. A the risk of being accused of being poisonous some more, this is a massive disincentive to hosting complex and sophisticated missions. I know I am not the first to give up due to this (and other) aspect that put time barriers in the way of sophisticated mission design and push us all back in the direction of banal/ same-same copy-cat missions. Thread locked.
  4. Interstingly, I have just noticed that my vey first post on the ED forums, when I was considering getting invovled in running MP in DCS, was to probe this very concenpt. Grimes was one of the few people who responded then, too. . . Such a shame that 5 years later we are still asking the same unanswered questions.
  5. The people who went to the trouble of reporting this are no longer active. Bug report will be closed and the error assumed to not exist. [insert Platitude]
  6. As you already know from my reply to the exact same question on my YoutTube channel, all of the three things you identify in your rhetorical "unholy trinity" are NOT available to server administrators to turn on or off. They exist client-side. If you wish for them to be made availalbe as server options then you need to lobby Eagle Dynamics, who make the software, not SoW who simply use it. The DCS wishlist forum is here:https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/207-dcs-wishlist/ That would be the place to express your wish for those aspects of DCS to be within the control of the server host. That sums up the status of these three things as far as SoW is concerned. .
  7. As admin and owner of the server and OP for this thread, and therefore "god" with respect to it, I declare that no "misbehaviour" occurred. It was simple pilot error. Just to be absolutely clear in case anyone is confused: There is no rule against this on the server. It is NOT considered in any way worth reporting or making a complaint about. NOW, the case is closed. My will be done.
  8. I have no idea what that video from Old Crow is supposed to be demonstrating. All I see is a 109 pilot who appears to over-G, black out and crash.
  9. https://stormofwar.net/2021/12/20/december-2021-disconnecting/
  10. Clarification of server rules and warnings related to player disconnections: https://stormofwar.net/2021/12/20/december-2021-disconnecting/ Deliberately disconnecting from the server while in control of a moving aircraft is prohibited on the Storm of War server. Pilots must come to a complete stop or bailout first. This applies on the ground as well as in the air. Players who disconnect in the manner described above will be warned on the stats pages. Repeated disconnects after a warning might result in being banned from the server. (Changing roles whilst similarly airborne is also not permitted, but this is restricted by server-side scripting)
  11. SoW is definitely not for you. I suggest you keep playing on the other excellent WW2 servers.
  12. Being able to use the DCS VOIP without having DCS open will help considerably for maintaining a number of other external systems.
  13. Mission updates V110 and V111 being moved over to the server now: v111 – December 2021 Adjusted front line and unit dispositions to match details from this project https://map.project44.ca/ v110 – December 2021 Fixed airspeeds of some A20 raids so that they stay together AI interceptors adjusted Added new AI bomber raid system which allows for randomization of raid spawns Added new tracking for AI bomber raids so that escort duties can be recognized in he stats streamlined all administrative triggers in missions
  14. SERVER ANNOUNCEMENT: Storm of War has now implemented the following into the mission set (version 110 missions) on the server: 1. AI Bomber raids for both teams will no longer spawn at predictable times during the mission, they will randomize, (within limits) each time a mission runs 2. The spawn time for the bombers is no longer contained within the miz file itself. It will no longer be possible to open up a trk or miz file and check when the bombers are to spawn in 3. We are now recording exactly how many bombers from each raid make it "home". This will mean, soon (hopefully) that we can also collect information about who was responsible for ensuring that a raid made it back. Escorting and protecting bomber formations will, therefore, soon be something we can show in the stats and award campaign ribbons for. Big thanks to 2./JG54 Teckel for writing most of the code for this, and the SoW Projects Team for all the testing
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