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  1. Rest in peace, sad to hear that a young guy like him lost this battle
  2. I could't find an existing thread on this topic :huh: I know this is an Early-access manual so I try not to go into stuff, like missing labels on cockpit images (which are not yet implemented) So here are a few things I came across: General: missing numeration on images (the switches are numbered beneath the figures but not on the respective image p. 31, Fig. 15 Wrong description "Oxygen System Panel" instead of Avionics cooling (?) switch p. 31, point 1, Standby Magnetic Compass, it isn't visible on Fig. 15 but rather in Fig.12 on p.25 I will try continue the list over time, if this is of any use for ED...
  3. It was a Spanish placard, but that would have been a heavily modified A verison of the Hornet
  4. Did they change the RWR as well (to AN/ALR-XY)? Because the RWR-Display is removed
  5. Hi the emblem on the tank is the Death Rattlers snake, you can see it on this (ugly) image I couldn't find a better pic with the emblem itself...
  6. I'd like to bring this up again, since we will soon get the F/A-18 it would be nice to have the arrestor cables at Nellis, Creech, Groom Lake and Tonopah. The textures are already there (at least at Nellis) but the cables are missing
  7. +1 That would be great! I was searching for some pics recently, just to find out that they are really rare :)
  8. On the back it's "USS Harry S. Truman" The one on the front is really difficult, I've searched for VFA-83 and found this: I'd say it's "CAPT. 'BEAMS' B???? DEAG
  9. I think it would make sense if there would be a task called "Training" in the Mission editior. Else when CAS is selected (for the A-10C in the first place) there are too many payload options in the list featuring training ammo like BDU-XY, CATM-9 etc. This won't improve with the upcoming F/A-18C Hornet module. So all the payload options containing training ammo would show when you select the Training task for a group.
  10. I had this before: I'm looking around in the cockpit with my TrackIR and suddenly DCS freezes (sounds keep on playing) and I have to close it. The first time this happened to me, I already had a look at my .log file. Back then the following line looked suspicious to me (as a user :smilewink:): I instantly pressed the pause button trying to stop it from crashing, but unfortunately I was too slow / it didn't help... crash.zip
  11. Nice find, very interesting! Thanks
  12. There are several callsigns missing on the NTTR map. It's obvious when you're asking for taxi or takeoff permissions Groom Lake "Dreamland" Creech AFB "Indian Springs" etc. My complete log file is attached. The most relevant part of it: The mentioned files simply don't exist. dcs.txt
  13. I wonder about the story behind this :huh: Swiss and Finnish Hornets do have foldable wings, which country had that version?
  14. Great! I always enjoy the Introduction, History and Design parts of the Manuals :thumbup:
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