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  1. is one of the most characteristic effects in the aeronautical world, DCS must have this effect, in the details is the realism.
  2. new one, a metal pin from the protective sleeves is permanently attached to the aircraft in the sim, please @BIGNEWY report it to the team, not vital but it would be nice if this could be corrected in the future. Thanks
  3. After a night flight I have seen that some knobs stay on even with all the cabin lights off, it did not happen in the previous open beta version. @BIGNEWY
  4. Hopefully at some point @Eagle Dynamics will consider making an improvement on the reflection system of the Hornet lights and how they reflect on the ground and other objects, currently the lights do not reflect on the ground and go through the stabilizers themselves as can be seen in the attached images. @BIGNEWY Thanks.
  5. Hi @BIGNEWY any news about this issue?
  6. Yes @Sirbumthe cross shakes so dam much.. its no easy to align HMD in VR at the moment, i hope @Eagle Dynamics fix the sensivity on this soon.
  7. After the last update the pilot's visor is again visible outside the dome glass of the Hornet, this problem had been completely solved in the previous open beta version so I hope ED will solve again this problem soon. @BIGNEWY thanks
  8. there is no focus of the thread mate, this thread is for reporting art bugs related to the booth in general. there is nothing that makes it specific... that's what I think too... my expectations are my business, you worry about yours.
  9. first, as I said the title of this thread does not specify if it is a thread dedicated to the internal or external model, secondly, we know that the external cockpit model is less detailed but it does not mean that it has no errors, I'm trying to offer my help like the rest, you can give your opinion but that does not mean that you are right just because you say it. if you don't appreciate the details no matter how small they are maybe this is not your kind of simulator the rest of us are interested in this kind of things that make DCS what it is today, if you haven't noticed this thread is about that.
  10. as far as I know the title of this forum thread is "COCKPIT ART ERRORS" I am posting in the right place mate
  11. I have found several bugs in the cockpit textures, noticiable from the F2 external view. I hope ED will fix these details in the not too distant future.
  12. Since DCS las update: We have this ........... DCS Open Beta DCS World VR. Reduced clouds jitter. CTD on mission restart - possibly fixed. MP. Fixed crash when called to AI wingmen when attacking a ground target. MiG-29. Correction of training missions.
  13. I have finished the painting works and actually the piece is a replica of the original, I have been able to access to photos of the original piece in the spanish hornet, this is the result: If @Eagle Dynamics accepts it for inclusion in the F/A-18C hornet module as standard I will be happy to share it.
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