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  1. To help players with limited binding options (ex. players using console controllers for TEDAC), it would be nice to include bindings that will switch between 2 position switches with a single binding, or cycle between 3 or more positions with a single binding. For example: LHG TADS Sensor Select Switch - FLIR / TV (toggle) toggle between TV or FLIR with a single button (kind of like the existing Polarity button) Note: DVO is not implemented, so can be ignored LHG FCR Scan Switch - C (Continuous) / S (Single) (toggle) toggle between Continuous Scan or Single Scan when the FCR is available NVS Select Switch TADS / PNVS (toggle) toggle between TADS or PNVS RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - A (Automatic) / O (Off) (toggle) toggle between Automatic and Off RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - M (Manual) / O (Off) (toggle) toggle between Manual and Off Symbology Select Switch - Up / Up / Down / Down (cycle) cycles between the 4 possible symbology for the HMD sight LHG TADS FOV Switch - W (Wide) / M (Medium) / N (Narrow) / Z (Zoom) (cycle) cycles progressively between the 4 possible zoom levels for the TADS RHG FCR Scan Size Switch - W (Wide) / M (Medium) / N (Narrow) / Z (Zoom) (cycle) cycles progressively between the 4 possible scan sizes for the FCR The above are just some examples that stood out to me. There could be others, but this cycle/toggle concept may not be good for other controls. For example, cycling through Weapon Action Switch A/G/M/R does not make sense since we need to be able to deselect with the same direction press, and can cause unintended conflicts with the other seat's current selection.
  2. F-15E Strike Eagle Console Gamepad Layout (Pilot) (draft) F-15E Strike Eagle Console Gamepad Layout (WSO) (draft)
  3. Check out this forum post where I keep a constantly updated list of layouts and links to my Input Mapper and DS4Windows tutorials
  4. No rudder pedals? Or are they tucked away somewhere?
  5. Lol most gamers have a console controller lying around already, so they're effectively paying $0 for a better experience. Plus a single gamepad can functionaly do what a stick, throttle, rudder pedals, TrackIR, and mouse all together can do. It's quite nice, you should give it a shot if you have a gamepad handy.
  6. Different preferences of gameplay need to be taken into account. Just because it would be higher realism to fly with a buddy doesn't mean that's how this game must be played. For instance, what about the players who only want to fly in singleplayer? Or players who choose to fly solo in multiplayer because they can't be bothered to find wingmen/copilots but still want to feel like they're not in a lifeless mission? Not everyone has the desire nor capacity to make friends online. An AI WSO, even as just a tool, would be valuable to have.
  7. Yeah agreed. The immersion just isn't there when it comes to using a gamepad. HOTAS devices (+ several other devices) have them beat hands-down in that regard. I should know lol In the end though, my goal is to get as many people into DCS as possible by reducing/eliminating barriers of entry. This will increase the player pool, causing more potential money to funnel into DCS. Fingers crossed this in turn helps further DCS developments on aircraft we love!
  8. Even as pilot, gamepads are completely viable. To test this, I hopped in the CPG seat and told George to take a hike while I completed a whole mission single-seat (prior to Position and Velocity hold modes).
  9. Absolutely lol. I've done this many times already:
  10. The below control layouts are still a work-in-progress since the F-15E is still not released, but I will go back and update/refine once it's released. Before getting started, I highly recommend first setting up your Xbox or PlayStation gamepad to control the Mouse using either of the following tutorial videos: Xbox Controllers: PlayStation Controllers: From there you should be able to setup your DCS aircraft controls based on the following gamepad layouts (note: even though the images are Xbox controllers, these can also be bound to a PlayStation controller assuming you followed my above DS4Windows YouTube guide): F-15E Strike Eagle Gamepad Layout (Pilot) F-15E Strike Eagle Gamepad Layout (WSO) Also, if there's any masochists among the Razbam tester team, feel free to give these layouts a shot! I'm hoping I've made these layouts as ergonomic as possible, and if possible I'd like to at least make sure the labels are accurate
  11. Below is an alternative solution which might be even better: RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - A (Automatic)/Off (Toggle) RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - M (Manual)/Off (Toggle) With the above, the player can bind only a single device button to handle an ON and OFF state of some kind. For example, if the player decides they'll only ever really use Automatic Laser Tracking, they can bind "RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - A (Automatic)/Off" to do the following: Manually slew TADS to general target area Press "RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - A (Automatic)/Off" to turn on laser tracking Acquire the laser spot Press "RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - A (Automatic)/Off" again to turn off laser tracking In the above example only a single button would be used to switch between Laser Tracking Automatic and Laser Tracking Off
  12. This can be worked around by placing non-static Apache AI units and setting them to: Takeoff from ground FCR/RFI removed UNCONTROLLED That said, this is just a workaround as there are places you can stick static objects that you cannot put actual units in. For instance, it won't be as easy to place Apaches on... say a ship using this workaround.
  13. To help those with fewer available buttons to bind on their devices, it would be good to introduce alternative directional bindings for 3-position switches (or really, any multi-position switch/knob/etc) An example in the above screenshot would be: RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - A (Automatic) RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - M (Manual) RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - O (Off) By having only these 3 bindings, we would need to have bound 3 separate buttons on our devices in order to use each of these actions. We could save a button by having two directional bindings instead: RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - Up RHG Laser Tracker Mode (LT) Switch - Down This would be similar to the 3-position FLAP Switch on the F/A-18C:
  14. After entering the coordinates given to us in the kneeboard for the Syria single mission AH-64D SCUD BUSTERS, I found that these target points were set somewhere at a distance of 999.9+ Upon further review, it seems "KN" is not even on the Syria map. Assuming this is a typo/error, I changed "KN" to "CA" instead, and this appears to be much more accurate; however, I don't know if this is the intended MGRS for this mission.
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