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  1. Any chance you could walk me through that?... I went into mission editor but was unable to figure out what to change.. found this thread searching for solutions to the same exact problem.
  2. For the KA-50 (game), in-game you hit Esc and pause menu will come up, you want Adjust Controls, that page will come up. On your top left, choose "KA-50. (Game) and then next to that, choose "search". Type Collective, the controls will be visible across your devices. You'll see inputs in probably several and the default inputs will be incorrect you want to highlight the ones on your stick, clear them, then on your throttle column, clear that too then click Add, and then input. It'll bring up available axis controls. You'll need to know which axis is the throttle slider ( you didn't say what controls you have) on my Warthog the correct input is the RX (JOY_RX) and so Id click that choice. That's the axis for the right throttle. (I have a left and right throttle) and also the default assigned the left throttle as a rudder axis, so I found that field and cleared it as well. ( it was conflicting with other inputs and caused most of my issues at first with getting started.) now both my throttles can act as a single throttle, because, easier. You might browse down in "all" and check everything, default assigned a weird bunch of duplicates that made no sense and served only to confuse me further. I cleared what I needed to and left the stick controls on the stick, throttle controls on the throttle, and moved them to my liking for the game. You can go back and forth and do this during the game and edit on the fly. Also, every time you return to Adjust Controls, make sure you are in the KA-50 (game) controls before you edit. It likes to default to the KA-50(SIM) control panel. I've only been at this a week, and I'm struggling mightily in other areas, but I hope that helps.
  3. No; a better way to look at it is, the Module Manager is activating your previous download. You have a key for activation in the confirmation email. Once you start DCS and click on Module Manager, it will execute automatically and ask you for the key, and from there, it will load and activate the module.
  4. Exactly the assist I was looking for. Thank you! I'm only on day 3 with it... gah!
  5. Open DCS and download it from within Modules? SN email said to only use Module Manager to download.
  6. It does, thank you! just wanted to confirm that before I started doing that. Is there a chance you could introduce a toggle to make it active or inactive? or is that something that you guys dont find necessary?
  7. I havent had a chance to read through all 40 pages. I like the UMFCD but it isnt what Im looking for at the moment... is there a way to turn it off, by chance? I may utilize it later Failing that, I'm a complete amateur at mods; whats your suggestion for a safe removal?
  8. Yeah. Usually something stupid. Just like with motorcycles. Smh... Anyhow I'll get to learning about manipulating the control profiles so I know what I'm doing; plus, I want to move the 3rd person displays (radar, weapons cycle, scope) into the center screen whine I'm running in all 3 monitors, so back to the digging through this place I go.. Thanks for all suggestions
  9. I GOT IT.... dang... why was this so difficult... I shut down the game, went to Config and deleted the entirety of what was in there, and restarted the game, then went to Controls and changed the Flight Control Rudder to the correct button... and there it is... seems to be working just fine now. Im assuming I had some sort of conflict within the Control settings, or maybe a clean startup with everything plugged in was what I needed.. in any case, whatever I messed up, I must have just voided and recovered.. geez... 14 hours later...
  10. excellent.. didnt think to try the cockpit.. EDIT: Thats cool! my pedals arent doing anything but the keyboard Z, X are being manipulated.. excellent. thats good to know.. I have browsed through those but thought since i expected the issue to be the in game settings, I should try here. Ill check that out again.
  11. Thanks for that, I had suspected as much, and after finally figuring out what Axis it was, (its Joy_rX) I went and added it in that field, but to no avail.. Axis tune can see the functionality of the Axis ( its working when pedals are manipulated) but upon adjustment and returning to the game, has no effect. ( pressed Ok, not interested in Saving Profile just yet) I WAS able to shut down the Left Throttle Axis for the Rudder assignment, though.. thats a dead axis right now(which is fine until I pinpoint the Pedal issue. It was difficult to manipulate in game... Id prefer pedals ( as an aside, is there a way to reverse the way that throttle works? Id rather push forward to go right, and pull to go left, and right now it reacts the opposite, which is counter-intuitive to me) thanks. Is this in game? I did see that control and have been trying it but am not seeing anything pop up, either in-game or otherwise. I thought I might get scolded for that. I started this one to keep the advice I receive in one place. Also, after 8-9 hours (while messing w this the whole time) I thought I may have posted in a slow thread and was antsy.. My apologies. Im actually very well versed in forum behavior. Sorry. Anyway, Ive checked out several Control profiles, and followed instructions and installed (have since reverted) They didnt come with MKIV assignments but I only intended to use them as a starting point. Im actually pretty sure my in Game setup is where the issue is. Im just new to the whole thing and struggling with it. -Been through the DCS Manual, and anything recommended for new users ( that I can find so far, the Sticky, and wherever that leads. I know the answer is more than likely in here somewhere.. I had hoped to find it before posting. My ignorance isnt bliss -got most up to date drivers for all devices. -checked topics on all device websites as well. -tried uninstalling and uninstalling DCS and deleted the relevant files when I did that. -have been running Instant Action on Middle screen and using tutorials and whatever else I think might be relevant that ive found so far on another screen and trying to teach myself to set up the controls, try this, try that. I know I have a lot to learn, been learning what I can.
  12. Hi guys. I've been all over the forum for this issue, and while I am relatively new to DCS, I've made every attempt to search and study to try to resolve this. My MKIV pedals are visible in the Controls setting, they work when tested in calibration on both windows and the Manufacturers utility. However I'm not getting any feedback in game. They're simply unresponsive. The black box has the proper lights and like I said, the game can see them but I can't get them to work. Everything I've found online indicates they were plug and play. I'm too much of a noob to have any further ideas. I would appreciate some assistance or critiques. They aren't working with the A10C either I suspect it has to do with the control profile, and I've really tried but so far I'm struggling with the complexity of it all in spite of your guys' best attempts to assist with the Rookie topics and all of the manuals and instructions I've been reading the last 3 days. I'm very frustrated. 3 monitors Win10Pro Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog stick and Throttle TRackIR5 KA-50 2
  13. Just jumped in, looking for any assistance. So just recently a few days ago decided to take the leap into this DCS... Running a 3 monitor setup with a capable system, Win10Pro Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Stick and Throttle kit KBSIM T Runner MKIV pedals Trackir5 AC10C KA50 UH1 As my interests primarily are Helicopters, Im focusing on the KA50 atm.. problem is my pedals will not work right in game.. they test fine on Windows and on any calibration window, DCS can see it, I see the Black Box in the Controls colums. but they wont have any response in any game I play. I do NOT know how to edit the control profiles. Ive poured over this Forum for 3 days now, finally decided I need help. is there any user friendly explanation for doing a control profile? Im unsure what buttons are shown or how to assign them to a particular function... also, several actions have buttons listed across several Input device columns . Are they creating a conflict? ive soaked up eagerly all the info ive been able to come across here so far and tried to make sense of it but honestly I dont even know where to start, somewhat. Ive downloaded and attempted to load several profiles, for all of my vehicles... my rudder pedals will not work even though I see a button(s) assigned to them. I just wanted a good playing chopper game and after some research in the more modern offerings, settled on DCS. Im impressed but I am keenly aware that its MORE than a bit over my head Id really like to be able to get this up and running somewhat decently so I can actually play for a change... I need a beginner specific setup documentation... everything Ive been able to find is rather advanced.
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