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  1. When I perform the warning light test when the engine is not running the indicator light FÄLLD LAST is not illuminated but when I have started the engine the FÄLLD LAST is illuminated when I press KONTR LAMPTABLÅ. It should illuminate before engine start also I guess. The indicator light SYRGAS and OLJETRYCK should illuminate after switching on HUVUDSTRÖM and the lights goes off: -SYRGAS when the Syrgas valve is open. -Oljetryck when the engine is spooling up during engine start.
  2. Hi!! I wish for more ATC radiocommands to use for instance like they have in Falcon BMS. -Would be nice to be able to request for another runway for landing or take off . -If you make a landing and turn around on the runway for another take off you can´t choose for another take off clearence. -Would be nice to get QNH in hpa for us who flies Viggen. -Different channels/frequencis for example Ground, Tower, Departure and Approach.
  3. I can see the numbers clear so it has nothing to do with the texture setting, at least for me. I would like to have the number more in white instead of grey, think that would make it more easier to see the numbers in the window.
  4. Will try the IFF button next time I fly the Viggen.
  5. Also I use the HP Reverb and it´s hard to see the numbers in daylight and impossible in nightime, if I use the "tool" flashlight though in DCS it´s readable. Would be nice if the numbers could be more visable in daylight.
  6. Thank you and as always nice work on the manuals you make for us.
  7. I havn´t tried to push that button so I don´t know if I got CTD on my computer but on the patch DCS Open Beta released in the middle of January that was supposed to be fixed.
  8. This is a problem that has been for a long time now and has been reported as a bug before when you fly with radarrange set to 60km. I notice it when I fly with 60 km radarrange, a huge drop on FPS, especially when I am at ground or fly on low level,and as soon as I change to another range from 60km up or down in range the FPS get normal again and when switching back to 60km the FPS drops rapidly. Don´t know if this is a ED problem or HB problem. Hope this will be fixed soon.
  9. I know this is a stupid answer but are you sure you enter the Longitude before the Latitude in the Datapanel??
  10. I haven´t flew mission six of thunder campaign, but I flew just now with high drag boms in Plan mode and in Nav mode and it worked just fine. I tried to set the weaponselector in RR mode and in both Nav and Anf mode the HUD didn´t change from Nav mode but you wrote that you hade the weapon selector in Plan mode so I guess it´s a bug in the campaign. Have you tried to make your own mission, does it behave the same way like in the campaign mission??
  11. Thanks David OC! I would like to enter information about waypoints and other information in a planner so it would appear in the game when i start it so I can enter information in the Data panel without have to take my VR off and I still have to do that using the scratchpad.
  12. Ok, Thank you. It was a training mission for single player but is it possible to enter a message in the mission planner??
  13. Hello! I fly the Viggen module and when I flew a mission the otherday I got a window in the upper right corner with runway data with cordinates. I fly with VR and since I want to be able to program the Data panel without take my VR off to look at a paper with the data, I want to enter on the Datapanel, I thought that it would be very handy to see the information on the screen. Is there anyone out there who knows how to make that window to appear and how to enter that information. Thank you!!
  14. Does the Illuminationbomb illuminate when you release it? It´s still dark around the ship when I release it. Has been a bug for quite sometime that the bombs releases but doesn´t illuminate which makes it pointless to use. And also when you reload the aircraft it doesn´t release at all when you make another attack. Haven´t tried the bombs for a couple of weeks though so I don´t know if they works after the latest patch.
  15. There´s a severe drop in framerate when you use 60 km distance of the radar, has been for quite sometime and has been in several bugsreports. Hope it will be fixed soon :)
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