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  1. I have just tried you suggestions, but it didn't seem to help. Both the Spitfire and Yak are not relaying correctly for me and never make it back to the airfield in one peace.
  2. I love the F18C and have been spending my time practicing landings on the boat. I only use VR which is mind blowing. But and its a obvious but, I can't see the ball until about 3 seconds from the wire. This is leading to the bad habit of spotting the deck! With that siad, I would like to see an in-picture representation of the ball which could be toggled ON and OFF, like the control position indicator or the AI status window used with the UH-1. Thanks for looking.
  3. Yes one on each pylon. I think I have seen what you describe once or twice but can't recall the load out at that time.
  4. Deleted and and reinstall module which seems to have fixed this and some other odd events. I will continue to look out and see if this problem turns up again. Sorry for an onerous post.
  5. I haven't done extensive testing but I have now seen the following several times. I set water to take off, throttle up, but limit throttle to 100%. At wheels up I glancing at the water and can confirm the water consumption light is out but the water quantity is eratick and increasing, going over 600. I assume that's not right?
  6. After the first bomb is away the HUD shows the hash box and the CCIP drop line is no longer on the HUD but I still have bombs on the wing. Stores are set to CIP, NT, 1X1. With multiple bomb still on the wing. I may be sing a similar problem the the AGM65's but havent tested sufficiently to know for sure.
  7. After the Persian Gulf update I find CCIP fails after first bomb drop. I am contemplating deleting my AV-8b and reinstalling. Thoughts?
  8. I was enjoying the rain on the canopy and noticed the mirrors don't reflect the weather environment. Raining and 100% overcast but a sunny day in the mirrors.
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